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Program Name: Program in Cognitive Science
Program Homepage:
Institution: University of Delaware
Address: 42 E. Delaware
City: Newark
Zip/Postal Code: 19716
State/Province: DE
Country: USA
Contact Person: Peter Cole, Acting Director

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Phone: 302-831-6806
Fax: 302-831-6896
Linguistic Subfield(s): Cognitive Science
Computational Linguistics
Discourse Analysis
Language Acquisition
Program Size: Large (over 25 students)
Program Description: General Information
Cognitive science studies the human mind viewed as a computational process. It lies at the confluence of computer science, educational and cognitive development, linguistics, neuroscience, neurobiology, philosophy, psychology, and certain areas of mathematics. Cognitive science has arguably been the most important development in the study of human thinking in the past twenty years; its influence can be seen across a wide variety of disciplines, from logic to communication disorders.

Theoretical cognitive science seeks to model and explain such phenomena as perception, memory, reasoning and language. The goal of theoretical cognitive science is to determine those knowledge structures and processes that characterize organisms as biological information processing systems, to explain how these organisms come to possess this knowledge, and to account for the patterns in the breakdown of this knowledge.

Applied cognitive science studies the educational and social uses of the findings of theoretical cognitive science. One area of growing interest is instructional or cognitive learning strategies that change the way teachers and students interact in the classroom. Cognitive learning strategies are grounded in theories of how children learn, think, remember, and solve problems, and are applied to knowledge domains that are included in school instruction (i.e., mathematics, science, reading, and writing). The purpose of this research is to understand how students become expert at learning and to design more creative learning environments.

The University of Delaware has a number of faculty members with strengths in both applied and theoretical cognitive science. For years, an informal research group has met regularly to discuss recent research in Cognitive Science. Similarly, faculty members in the Departments of Linguistics and Computer and Information Science, and at the Center for Applied Science and Engineering are actively involved in collaborative research associated with cognitive engineering and speech science.
The Program in Cognitive Science draws on faculty and courses from Linguistics, Computer and Information Science, Psychology, Anthropology, Philosophy, Education, and the Speech Lab of the A.I. du Pont Children's Hospital. At the undergraduate level, there are minors in Cognitive Sciences and Linguistics, plus there are opportunities to pursue individualized degrees in Cognitive and Linguistic Science, and Pre-Professional Speech Pathology. At the graduate level, there is course work leading to the equivalent of a secondary specialization in Cognitive Science as part of the Ph.D. in Linguistics and an M.A. track in Cognitive Science in the M.A. in Cognitive Science and Linguistics. In addition, the Department of Psychology offers the M.A. and Ph.D. in cognitive psychology (with many opportunities for cross-disciplinary courses and research), and the Department of Computer and Information Science offers opportunities to specialize in artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

Inquiries about the Program should be directed to:

Prof. Peter Cole Acting Director, Program in Cognitive Science, University of Delaware 42 E. Delaware Ave. Newark, DE 19716
Available Financial Aid: Fellowships and assistantships are offered through the participating departments.
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