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Program Name: Department of Anthropology
Alternate Name: Linguistic Anthropology
Program Homepage:
Institution: University of Oklahoma
Address: 455 West Lindsey
Dale Hall Tower 521
City: Norman
Zip/Postal Code: 73019
State/Province: OK
Country: USA
Application Deadline: January 31
Contact Person: Mary Linn, Associate Professor

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Phone: 405-325-7588
Linguistic Subfield(s): Anthropological Linguistics
Language/Language Family Specialization(s): Algonquian
Apache, Kiowa
California Athabaskan
Carib, Galibi
Southern Athabaskan
Program Size: Small (1-10 students)
Program Description: The Department of Anthropology at OU has a strong commitment to the study of language and its relationship to culture, society, and cognition. We offer an MA in Applied Linguistic Anthropology (Language Revitalization), an MA in Linguistic Anthropology, and a PhD in Socio-Cultural Anthropology with an emphasis in Linguistic Anthropology. Our particular strengths lie in language endangerment and revitalization, with a collaborative approach to working in endangered language communities; ethnographic and discourse-centered approaches to language, culture, and society; verbal art and performance, including narrative, poetics, and ceremonial speaking; documentation and descriptive linguistics, and the role of language archives in this work; endangered language instruction and acquisition; language contact and change; language and identity; and language ideologies. Our faculty have specialties particularly strong in Native American languages, including Athapaskan, Kiowa, Euchee (Yuchi), Cariban, Siouan, Muskogean, Algonquian, and Iroquoian. Students in Linguistic Anthropology at OU have unique research opportunities that extend beyond the classroom. The Department teaches Cherokee, Choctaw, Maskoke (Creek), and Kiowa. Students may use these classes to fulfill their language requirement, and students have worked with the instructors to develop teaching materials. The Department of Native American Languages at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History offers students several research opportunities in Native languages of Oklahoma. The archives house over 8,000 media and print resources in languages of Oklahoma and North America. Students may use the recording facilities and equipment. They have the opportunity to participate in language programming at the museum, including the annual Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair, the biannual Breath of Life Silent No More Workshop, and other revitalization workshops given throughout the state.
Available Financial Aid: Students may apply for to be Graduate Teaching Assistant; the number of available assistantships vary by year. The Department of Native American Languages has a one year research assistantship every other year.
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