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Program Name: Department of Japanese Language and Culture
Program Homepage:
Institution: Nagoya University
Address: Graduate School of Languages and Cultures
Nagoya University, Furo, Chikusa
City: Nagoya
Zip/Postal Code: 464-8601
Country: Japan
Contact Person: Yasushi Sugimura, Professor

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Phone: (+81) 52-789-4881
Fax: (+81) 52-789-4873
Linguistic Subfield(s): Applied Linguistics
General Linguistics
Language Acquisition
Language/Language Family Specialization(s): Japanese
Program Size: Small (1-10 students)
Program Description: The aim of this program is to enable the student to grasp the nature of Japanese linguistic culture from the perspective of theories of cultural relativity and comparative culture. A further aim is the development of Japanese language pedagogical approaches, drawing on pedagogical theory and an international perspective.

Japanese Language and Cultural Studies:
Analyze, both from the diachronic and the synchronic perspective, issues pertaining to Japanese linguistic culture in terms of its relationship to intercultural relations; develop a methodology for the treatment of these issues as they manifest themselves both as particulars and as universals; view, from both an academic and a pragmatic perspective, the development of Japanese linguistic culture.

Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language:
From the perspective of the basic theory of Japanese Language education, look at both the functions and the structures of Japanese language as an object of study; develop theories of Japanese language pedagogy, testing their validity in terms of practical application; work toward the refinement of both Japanese language education pedagogy and of Japanese language education programs.

Japanese Linguistics:
Through lectures and seminars, carry out a systematic study of the main fields of Japanese linguistic research: modern Japanese phonetics, grammar, semantics, syntactics and pragmatics; develop the criteria for undertaking advanced, independent research in the field of Japanese linguistics.

Applied Linguistics:
In order to build a scientifically sound, basic theory of language education, investigate practical theories on the acquisition and use of language from the perspectives of psycho-linguistics, language education technology and theories of informatics.

Comparative Culture
From the vantage point of Japanese culture as part of world culture carry out comparative studies of Japanese and non-Japanese cultures from the perspective of theories of comparative culture and of semiotics; work toward a general theory of cultural phenomena; develop a cultural basis for instruction in Japanese for foreigners.
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