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Program Name: Cognitive Science and Language
Institution: Universitat de Barcelona
Address: Baldiri Reixac, s/n.
City: Barcelona
Zip/Postal Code: 08028
State/Province: Barcelona
Country: Spain
Application Deadline: First 20.06.05 Second 19.09.05
Contact Person: Carles José

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Phone: 00 34 93 403 46 65
Fax: 00 34 93 403 47 02
Linguistic Subfield(s): Cognitive Science
Other Program Specialties: Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Language, Psycholinguistics
Program Size: Medium (11-25 students)
Program Description: The program is motivated by the need of interaction among different fields in Cognitive Science, specifically, on various aspects of natural language, on issues such as its computational processing, its psychological and neurological underpinnings, its grammar and its philosophy.

The goals of the program are those that define Cognitive Science, or Cognitive Neuroscience, as it is more commonly known nowadays. This is not a new discipline requiring new specialists; thus, the goal of the program is not to train researchers on a new, emerging field. Rather, research on the psychological, computational, linguistic or philosophical aspects of natural language is a well-established tradition which can only be carried out by specialists well-trained in each one of the subjects's techniques and theoretical assumptions (in fact, of even more specific areas inside them). Acquiring a proficient level in one of them is, perhaps unfortunately, incompatible with acquiring it on all the others. The main idea behind Cognitive Science is thus that a good understanding of linguistic phenomena can only be achieved through particular contributions from all these interacting disciplines; because of this, research on any one of them will necessarily benefit from a good knowledge (if not at the level of the specialist, at least at that of a sophisticated, motivated amateur) of the others ongoing contributions. It thus seems convenient that, during their formal academic training, potential future contributors to those disciplines acquire the basic elements to make it later easier to acquire such interdisciplinary knowledge.

Students who take the doctorate program are supposed to have already a good knowledge of their own incoming disciplines (most commonly, philosophy, psychology and linguistics, but also mathematics, medicine and education), and only students committed to do significant research on them are accepted. The program then offers some subjects designed to lead such mature, knowledgeable and motivated students to acquire a good mastery of some of the techniques and theoretical assumptions of the other disciplines, while at the same time offering also enough subjects in their own disciplines to properly continue their education and further specialization.
Available Financial Aid: The PhD program in Cognitive Science and Language is one of the programs which has constituted the International Graduate School of Catalonia (IGSOC), and has had 2 IGSOC Fellowships 03-04. This course these grant positions were renewed by the Government of Catalonia but changed its name: is the current denomination.

The IGSOC/IQUC Fellowships have been assigned in accordance with common procedures. Assignment is made on a merit base and only very well qualified graduates have a chance of obtaining an IGSOC Fellowship. Graduates of any nationality other than Spanish may apply for an IGSOC Fellowship. IGSOC fellowships are available for new international students to the program, exceptions may be authorized on an individual basis. Applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin and/or physical impairment.

Duration: IGSOC Fellowships have been assigned for the 03-04 academic year period (12 months) and are extended up to 3 additional academic years (48 months in total). Extensions are decided on a yearly basis and are subject to satisfactory academic achievement, as determined by PhD programs. IQUC grants have followed the same method.

Economic conditions: IGSOC/IQUC Fellowships cover:
- Tuition fees
- An after-tax monthly stipend of approximately EUR 850. (years 1 and 2).
- An after-tax monthly stipend of approximately EUR 1000. (years 3 and - 4).
(Estimated living costs in Catalonia: EUR 600 - 750, per month)

Past Deadline: Past Fellowship applications were submitted before October 2003 and 2004

Application: Candidates must first apply for admission to the PhD Program, and provide, in addition to the admission documents, the following:
- Certificate of marks
- Two recommendation letters
- A piece of written work in English (30 pages approx.)

The program has also received the 'Mención de Calidad' (Quality Distinction) from the Spanish Ministry for Education (MECD, Students accepted to the program from other universities will also receive support in their applications from the MECD mobility grants, for about € 4.000 (see the Ministry regulation of 18/11/2002, 'anexo B, B.2.1', in the above mentioned web page).


Students of any nationality may apply to the Spanish Ministry of Education for a graduate grant. In addition, European students may join the opportunity to apply to graduate grants offered by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology and the Catalan Goverment's DURSI.
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