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Title Submitter Name Issue No. Date   Asc / Desc
Re: Re: Review of 'Researching Northern English' Patrick Honeybone 27.3900 03-Oct-2016
Re: Remarks by Noam Chomsky in London Mark Brenchley 22.4650 20-Nov-2011
Re: Review: Linguist 15.1878: Vennemann Robert Mailhammer 15.2644 24-Sep-2004
Re: Review: Applied Linguistics (Seidlhofer) Ronald Sheen 16.713 10-Mar-2005
Re: Review: Historical Linguistics: Levin Saul Levin 16.470 16-Feb-2005
Re: Segollate Words Joel Hoffman 15.2927 16-Oct-2004
Re: Social Media and Endangered Languages Oliver Stegen 23.904 21-Feb-2012
Re: Sociolinguistics: Course in American Dialects Geoff Nathan 22.4053 12-Oct-2011
Re: Sociolinguistics: Field Methods Course Julie Auger 22.3846 28-Sep-2011
Re: Sociolinguistics: Projects in Large Classes? Ashley Williams 22.3847 28-Sep-2011
Re: Uneducated families = Noncomplex language? Chad Nilep 20.1641 28-Apr-2009
Re:16.1810, Review: Philosophy of Lang/Semantics: Hase Fiona MacArthur 16.1856 13-Jun-2005
Re:16.802, Disc: Media:BBC: Welsh-Hindi Link Robert Orr 16.824 17-Mar-2005
Re:16.894, Abolishing Fund Drive Once and For All Aubrey Nunes 16.909 25-Mar-2005
Reasonable Research Standards Regina Morin 17.1352 26-Apr-2006
Redundancy and Evolution Alex Marsden 18.176 17-Jan-2007
Refuting the Negative in Conversation/Discourse Sherri Condon 21.2967 15-Jul-2010
Remarks by Noam Chomsky in London Geoff Pullum 22.4631 14-Nov-2011
Reply to Sum 14.1954 - Meillet 1903 John Nerbone 22.415 21-Jan-2011
Reply to disc. posting 16.1156 Peter Hallman 16.1251 13-Apr-2005
Response to McGinnis on Mundurucu/Piraha counting Daniel Everett 15.3121 06-Nov-2004
Response to: Tones and Genes: A Question Bettina Zeisler 18.2716 15-Sep-2007
Review 'Chomsky's Minimalism' Jim Fidelholtz 19.2785 11-Sep-2008
Review of 'Boko dictionary' Ross Jones 20.3188 19-Sep-2009
Review of 'Brahui, a Dravidian Language' Bijoy Das 23.5152 04-Dec-2012

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