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Title Submitter Name Issue No. Date   Asc / Desc
Latin Etymology Lynn Guindon 21.2604 15-Jun-2010
Linguistic Hypostasis Jan Židek 24.2491 19-Jun-2013
Linguistic Particularities in the Yucatan Win Whelan 21.2941 14-Jul-2010
Linguistics as Methodology in Social Research Fergal Treanor 22.759 13-Feb-2011
Linguistics to Satisfy General Ed. Requirements D. Eric Holt 22.4435 04-Nov-2011
Linguists collaborating with non-linguists Crispin Thurlow 25.2630 17-Jun-2014
Literary Analysis in Non-native Language nayyer chandella 18.2214 22-Jul-2007
Logical Form: “Really Meaningful?” Debaprasad Bandyopadhyay 17.2149 25-Jul-2006
Major Discoveries of Modern Syntactic Theory Daniel Everett 17.2277 09-Aug-2006
Medium of Instruction for Creole Languages Patrick-Andre Mather 21.3469 29-Aug-2010
Microsoft Patent Application Veit Reuer 17.2621 06-Sep-2006
Microsoft Patent Application Michael Covington 17.2656 18-Sep-2006
Minimalism Challenge Michael Hegarty 16.1506 11-May-2005
Missing Characters and Glyphs in Unicode Fonts Maurizio Lana 22.2647 20-Jun-2011
Modern Bibliography: "ser" vs. "estar" in Old Spanish Roberto García 19.561 18-Feb-2008
Modified Re: 16.1856, Review of Haser (2005) Fiona MacArthur 16.1943 23-Jun-2005
Moroccan Sign Language Joseph Alexander 21.2141 07-May-2010
Morphemes in Polysynthetic Languages Kela Ruuskanen 21.4248 20-Oct-2010
Morpho-syntax of wh-questions in Arabic Issa Razaq 21.3426 24-Aug-2010
Multiple Choice Technique for Assessing Writing Kisno Shinoda 23.4978 17-Nov-2012
Mundurucu and Piraha counting Daniel Everett 15.3096 03-Nov-2004
Nature, Science and linguistics Annie Zaenen 17.1810 12-Jun-2006
New: Counter to Pirahan-immediacy thesis? Ian Goddard 18.1184 17-Apr-2007
New: Developing a High School Linguistics Course Suzi Loosen 20.1910 16-May-2009
New: Effects of Technology on Communication Susan Ervin-Tripp 18.581 21-Feb-2007

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