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Title Submitter Name Issue No. Date   Asc / Desc
Optimality Theory and trends in children's speech Aubrey Nunes 15.3307 24-Nov-2004
Re:16.894, Abolishing Fund Drive Once and For All Aubrey Nunes 16.909 25-Mar-2005
Teaching ESL in China Bill Oberg 18.1950 23-Jun-2007
Re: Linguist 15.2774, Review: Forensic Linguistics John Olsson 15.2839 10-Oct-2004
Re:16.802, Disc: Media:BBC: Welsh-Hindi Link Robert Orr 16.824 17-Mar-2005
Ahom Language Not Dead Dr Wati Pangrakri 19.1839 07-Jun-2008
Extrapolate benefits of early biling-ism to L2ers? Michal B. Paradowski 20.3408 04-Oct-2009
On Comparative Inversions Dong-woo Park 21.2821 06-Jul-2010
Culture = Language + Location? James Pennington 22.1459 23-Mar-2011
Disc: Re: Free Sharing of Linguistic Research/Info Ana Perez-Leroux 20.1361 26-Mar-2009
New: Re: 16.3460, Review: Perry (2005) Fred L. Perry 17.462 12-Feb-2006
Review of 'The Use of English in Institutional... Stefanie Pohle 19.3361 04-Nov-2008
Remarks by Noam Chomsky in London Geoff Pullum 22.4631 14-Nov-2011
Re: 17.1317: Starling study: Recursion Geoffrey Pullum 17.1528 17-May-2006
Re: Prestige and Language Maintenance C. Rajendran 17.129 14-Jan-2006
Re: 16.790, Disc: Re: Media: BBC: Welsh-Hindi Link C. Rajendran 16.820 17-Mar-2005
Morpho-syntax of wh-questions in Arabic Issa Razaq 21.3426 24-Aug-2010
Microsoft Patent Application Veit Reuer 17.2621 06-Sep-2006
Re: Prepositions: 'In' versus 'At' Elizabeth Riddle 22.3314 19-Aug-2011
Terminology Problem: Interlingual? Intralingual? Anne Rimrott 16.1252 09-Apr-2005
Tone of Noun Roots Dave Roberts 22.1678 12-Apr-2011
Re: Deep Structure/Initial PP Daniel Romero 15.3263 20-Nov-2004
Verbal / Non-verbal Phenomal Aspects of Language Nicla Rossini 16.3047 19-Oct-2005
Re: 16.894, Disc: Abolishing Fund Drive And Rosta 16.927 26-Mar-2005
Morphemes in Polysynthetic Languages Kela Ruuskanen 21.4248 20-Oct-2010

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