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Title Submitter Name Issue No. Date   Asc / Desc
IELTS Assessments of English Competency Maarten Hulselmans 17.101 06-Jan-2006
CEF Alignment of High-stakes Tests Maarten Hulselmans 23.2747 15-Jun-2012
Re: Deep Structure/Initial PP Viatcheslav Iatsko 15.3263 20-Nov-2004
Re: 16.1769, Lang Acquisition: Baby Signing Derek Irwin 16.1779 06-Jun-2005
Role of TOEFL Exam in Language Learning P J 20.2738 30-Jul-2009
Re: 16.763, Disc: Controversies in Applied Ling James Jenkins 16.776 14-Mar-2005
Uneducated families = Noncomplex language? David Johnson 20.1607 24-Apr-2009
Re: Media: BBC: Baby Signing Mark J. Jones 16.1769 01-Jun-2005
Review of 'Boko dictionary' Ross Jones 20.3188 19-Sep-2009
Disc: Re: Media: BBC: Welsh-Hindi Link Mark Jones 16.836 18-Mar-2005
Subject: Disc: Phonetics in Grammar Mark Jones 17.2184 28-Jul-2006
Re: 16.894, Abolishing Fund Drive Once and For All Jeffrey Kaplan 16.909 25-Mar-2005
Free Sharing of Linguistic Research/Information Don Killian 20.1001 21-Mar-2009
Proposal for Arabic Script Root Zone LGR Jia Kimoto 26.4274 22-Sep-2015
Proposal for Armenian Script Root Zone LGR Jia Kimoto 26.4176 15-Sep-2015
Re: A Challenge to the Minimalist Community Paul Kiparsky 16.1454 06-May-2005
Papuan Malay: Single hand-clap as discourse marker Angela Kluge 26.1131 12-Feb-2015
New: Representing paraphrases of paraphrases Greg Kochanski 20.516 18-Feb-2009
New: Review of 'Lesbian Discourses' Veronika Koller 19.3254 25-Oct-2008
Re: Etymology of 'Urdu' Nicholas Kontovas 21.3535 03-Sep-2010
Re: 18.45: An Intelligent Man's Answer to Linguist Alexander Kravchenko 18.197 14-Jan-2007
Language and Environment Alexander Kravchenko 18.12 29-Dec-2006
18.240, Disc: Re 18.197: An Intelligent Man's Answ Alexander Kravchenko 18.304 25-Jan-2007
underlying representations in phonology Leontine Kremers 15.3080 31-Oct-2004
Isoglosses and the Midland Tom Kun 16.655 02-Mar-2005

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