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Title Submitter Name Issue No. Date   Asc / Desc
Re: 18.1184: Counter to Pirahan-immediacy thesis? Chris Sinha 18.1234 23-Apr-2007
Discussion on Piraha Dan Everett 18.1252 23-Apr-2007
History of Biolinguistics John Goldsmith 18.1379 24-Apr-2007
Discussion on Piraha Ian Goddard 18.1287 26-Apr-2007
Discussion on Piraha: A Side Note Peter T. Daniels 18.1288 27-Apr-2007
Discussion on Piraha Daniel Everett 18.1379 04-May-2007
Database and/or Wiki on Linguistic Evidence? James Myers 18.1380 05-May-2007
Discussion on Piraha: Correction to 18.1379 #1 Dan Everett 18.1416 08-May-2007
Semantic vs. Pragmatic Interpretation José-Luis Guijarro 18.1521 18-May-2007
RE: Semantic vs. Pragmatic Interpretation Ahmad R. Lotfi 18.1562 19-May-2007
Tones and Genes: Scientific American Roger Blench 18.1655 30-May-2007
Tones and Genes: Scientific American Bob Ladd 18.1697 31-May-2007
Tones and Genes Hal Schiffman 18.1697 31-May-2007
Teaching ESL in China Bill Oberg 18.1950 23-Jun-2007
Finite State Automata & Context-sensitive Language Jiun-Shiung Wu 18.1982 02-Jul-2007
Fundamentality of Word Classes? Jess Tauber 18.2168 16-Jul-2007
Literary Analysis in Non-native Language nayyer chandella 18.2214 22-Jul-2007
P-Celtic, Q-Celtic Extended to German/Greek, Latin Erik Nelson 18.2333 06-Aug-2007
Response to: Tones and Genes: A Question Bettina Zeisler 18.2716 15-Sep-2007
Perceptions of Limits on Ad Hominem Argument Ron Sheen 18.2906 05-Oct-2007
Cultural Sensitivity & Endangered Languages: Saami Bruce Moren 18.3397 15-Nov-2007
A Question on Language Acquisition Tony Deng 19.411 04-Jan-2008
Automatical Metrical Markup Klemens Bobenhausen 19.410 01-Feb-2008
Language Pedagogy & the “vosotros” Form in Spanish Brandon Simpson 19.574 13-Feb-2008
Modern Bibliography: "ser" vs. "estar" in Old Spanish Roberto García 19.561 18-Feb-2008

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