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Sorry About That

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Sociolinguistics from the Periphery

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Sociolinguistics from the Periphery "presents a fascinating book about change: shifting political, economic and cultural conditions; ephemeral, sometimes even seasonal, multilingualism; and altered imaginaries for minority and indigenous languages and their users"

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Journal Title: Bilingualism: Language and Cognition
Volume/Issue:   17 / 3
Date: 2014
Table of Contents: The effect of a bilingual learning mode on the establishment of lexical semantic representations in the L2
by IrinaElgort, AnnaE.Piasecki
pp 572-588

Is bilingual babbling language-specific? Some evidence from a case study of Spanish–English dual acquisition
by JeanE.Andruski, EugeniaCasielles, GeoffreyS.Nathan
pp 660-672

Learning two languages from birth shapes pre-attentive processing of vowel categories: Electrophysiological correlates of vowel discrimination in monolinguals and simultaneous bilinguals
by MonikaMolnar, LindaPolka, ShariR.Baum, KarstenSteinhauer
pp 526-541

BIL volume 17 issue 3 Cover and Front matter
by pp f1-f2

Successive bilingualism and executive functions: The effect of second language use on inhibitory control in a behavioural Stroop Colour Word task
by KarinHeidlmayr, SylvainMoutier, BarbaraHemforth, CYRILCOURTIN†, RobertTanzmeister, FrédéricIsel
pp 630-645

Syntax–semantics mappings as a source of difficulty in Japanese speakers’ acquisition of the mass–count distinction in English
by ShunjiInagaki
pp 464-477

BIL volume 17 issue 3 Cover and Back matter
by pp b1-b6

Language history questionnaire (LHQ 2.0): A new dynamic web-based research tool
by PingLi, FanZhang, ErlfangTsai, BrendanPuls
pp 673-680

Bilingual experience modulates hemispheric lateralization in visual word processing
by Sze-manLam, JANET H.HSIAO
pp 589-609

Acquiring complex structures under minority language conditions: Bilingual acquisition of plural morphology in Welsh
by Enlli MônThomas, NiaWilliams, LlinosAngharadJones, SusiDavies, HANNABINKS
pp 478-494

The acquisition of coda consonants by Mandarin early child L2 learners of English
by Nan XuRattanasone, KatherineDemuth
pp 646-659

Lexical-semantic skills in bilingual children who are becoming English-dominant: A longitudinal study
by LilySheng
pp 556-571

Cognitive control in bilinguals: Advantages in Stimulus–Stimulus inhibition
by HenrikeK.Blumenfeld, VioricaMarian
pp 610-629

Nonfinite verbs and negotiating bilingualism in codeswitching: Implications for a language production model
by CarolMarieMyers-Scotton, JaniceL.Jake
pp 511-525

Bilingual effects: Exploring object omission in pronominal languages
by MihaelaPirvulescu, AnaTeresaPérez-Leroux, NellekeStrik, DanielleThomas
pp 495-510

Reading English with Japanese in mind: Effects of frequency, phonology, and meaning in different-script bilinguals
by KojiMiwa, TonDijkstra, PatrickBolger, R.HaraldBaayen
pp 445-463

The effect of age of L2 acquisition on the organization of the bilingual lexicon: Evidence from masked priming
by LauraSabourin, ChristieAnneBrien, MichelleBurkholder
pp 542-555

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
General Linguistics
Cognitive Science
Language Acquisition
Subject Language(s): Chinese, Mandarin
LL Issue: 25.2723