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It's Been Said Before

By Orin Hargraves

It's Been Said Before "examines why certain phrases become clichés and why they should be avoided -- or why they still have life left in them."

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Sounds Fascinating

By J. C. Wells

How do you pronounce biopic, synod, and Breughel? - and why? Do our cake and archaic sound the same? Where does the stress go in stalagmite? What's odd about the word epergne? As a finale, the author writes a letter to his 16-year-old self.

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Journal Title: Applied Psycholinguistics
Volume/Issue:   31 / 3
Table of Contents: The influence of lexical status and neighborhood density on children's nonword repetition
by Jamie L Metsala, Gina M Chisholm
pp 489-506

“Um, I can tell you're lying”: Linguistic markers of deception versus truth-telling in speech
by Joanne Arciuli, David Mallard, Gina Villar
pp 397-411

Idiom understanding in children and adolescents with Down syndrome: The role of text comprehension skills
by Maja Roch, Maria Chaira Levorato
pp 531-550

The linguistic correlates of conversational deception: Comparing natural language processing technologies
by Nicholas D Duran, Charles Hall, Philip M McCarthy, Danielle S McNamara
pp 439-462

Sentence interpretation by typically developing Vietnamese–English bilingual children
by Giang Pham, Kathryn Kohnert
pp 507-529

What compound words mean to children with specific language impairment
by Karla K Mcgregor, Gwyneth C Rost, Ling Yu Guo, Li Sheng
pp 463-487

Honorifics: A sociocultural verb agreement cue in Japanese sentence processing
by Yuki Yoshimura, Brian Macwhinney
pp 551-569

Listener reliability in assigning utterance boundaries in children's spontaneous speech
by Ida J Stockman
pp 363-395

Cross-linguistic evidence for the nature of age effects in second language acquisition
by Robert DeKeyser, Iris Alfi-Shabtay, Dorit Diskin Ravid
pp 413-438

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
LL Issue: 21.2536