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The Vulgar Tongue: Green's History of Slang

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The Universal Structure of Categories: Towards a Formal Typology

By Martina Wiltschko

This book presents a new theory of grammatical categories - the Universal Spine Hypothesis - and reinforces generative notions of Universal Grammar while accommodating insights from linguistic typology.

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52 Summaries in 2006

Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date
'Outperforming' Native Speakers Nigel Duffield 17.1396 May-04-2006
(Non)Academic Interdisciplinary Career Issues Mai Kuha 17.2234 Aug-01-2006
/r/ Dissimilation Nancy Hall 17.2235 Aug-02-2006
A Minimalist Approach to Wh-constructions Souad Slaoui 17.2358 Aug-17-2006
Accent Studies - Compilation Roberto Perez 17.1776 Jun-13-2006
Acquisition of Narratives in L2 Christine Moeller 17.932 Mar-28-2006
Ancient Hebrew and Greek Swadesh Lists Piers Kelly 17.2008 Jul-07-2006
Meaning of 'Bobonkt' Carlota Smith 17.2133 Jul-14-2006
British English Judgments Felicia Lee 17.2204 Jul-31-2006
Chinese & Polysynthesis Steven Schaufele 17.3130 Oct-24-2006
Chinese Spoken Word Frequency Zachary Sloane 17.698 Mar-07-2006
Concordance Programs Chris Coleman 17.697 Mar-06-2006
Dialectology Citation Julie Roberts 17.1913 Jun-27-2006
English 'Should Of' Construction Mark Jones 17.1861 Jun-22-2006
Filming in the Field Jessica Boynton 17.600 Feb-23-2006
First Acquisition of North American Aboriginal Languages Mary Marino 17.2733 Sep-21-2006
Glottal Stops Mark Donohue 17.3293 Nov-08-2006
Heritage Language Speakers Karen Stanley 17.1437 May-09-2006
History of French Textbooks Richard Epstein 17.2134 Jul-15-2006
Inflected infinitives in European Portuguese Marcello Modesto 17.3535 Nov-28-2006
Initial Clausal Negation Jan Lindström 17.2359 Aug-01-2006
Intonation and Creoles Sam Callanan 17.1210 Apr-20-2006
Journal Acceptance Rates: Responses Ash Asudeh 17.3700 Dec-11-2006
Lingua Franca Passages in L'Europe Galante Lawrence A. Rosenwald 17.944 Mar-29-2006
Loan Verbs Søren Wichmann 17.280 Jan-26-2006
Meanings of Particles in Phrasal Verbs Alison Crutchley 17.328 Jan-31-2006
Measuring Vowel Duration from Spectrogrammes Roy Becker 17.480 Feb-11-2006
Miss Fidditch Pius ten Hacken 17.156 Jan-16-2006
Online Survey on Thematic Roles Brian Murphy 17.1209 Apr-20-2006
Phonetics/Phonology Texts for Lg. Teachers Richard Cameron 17.3410 Nov-20-2006
Predicate Case in Russian (development of) Ora Matushansky 17.2789 Sep-26-2006
Priscian quote Edward McDonald 17.735 Mar-08-2006
Query 17.2096 Tone Realisation in Yoruba B-Rotimi Badejo 17.2202 Jul-30-2006
English Affect Word-List Brian Murphy 17.2734 Sep-19-2006
Recursion in Children's Rhymes Jill de Villiers 17.847 Mar-18-2006
References on Future Expression in French Fanny Forsberg 17.992 Mar-31-2006
Resultatives in English and Icelandic Matthew Whelpton 17.1868 Jun-20-2006
Sound-File Formats for Speech Recordings Mario Cal-Varela 17.2233 Aug-01-2006
Subjects of Non-inflected and Inflected Verbs Rocío Pérez-Tattam 17.72 Jan-10-2006
Summary of Responses to the FDS/FIS Problem Adam Glaz 17.3294 Nov-10-2006
Time Metaphors Crosslinguistically Sondes Hamdi 17.1777 Jun-11-2006
Suppletive Comparative Adjectives Jonathan Bobaljik 17.490 Feb-15-2006
Surcomposé Tenses Gerhard Schaden 17.812 Mar-16-2006
Terminology Development in Amerindian Languages José Álvarez 17.1438 May-07-2006
Tertiary Stress and Optimality Theory Sarah Collie 17.2849 Sep-29-2006
The Preterit and the Present Perfect Takashi Kumagai 17.2583 Sep-04-2006
The Preterit and the Present Perfect Takashi Kumagai 17.2201 Jul-27-2006
Verbal and Nonverbal Word Orders Mark Donohue 17.615 Feb-23-2006
Verbal and Nonverbal Word Orders, Part 2 Mark Donohue 17.771 Mar-12-2006
Word Order in Russian and Other Related Issues Bingfu Lu 17.1024 Apr-03-2006
Young People's Varieties Claire Bowern 17.1142 Apr-14-2006
'In Them There Hills' Neal R. Norrick 17.178 Jan-18-2006


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