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Style, Mediation, and Change

Edited by Janus Mortensen, Nikolas Coupland, and Jacob Thogersen

Style, Mediation, and Change "Offers a coherent view of style as a unifying concept for the sociolinguistics of talking media."

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Intonation and Prosodic Structure

By Caroline Féry

Intonation and Prosodic Structure "provides a state-of-the-art survey of intonation and prosodic structure."

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80 Summaries IN 2001

Subject Line Submitter Issue No. DATE
Mass/Count Nouns Lotfi Ahmad 12.1183 Apr-30-2001
Ellipisis in English George A. Senf 12.808 Mar-23-2001
Focus/Narrow Syntax/Bangla Sharbani Banerji 12.1182 Apr-30-2001
Mood & Modality Sharbani Banerji 12.2238 Sep-13-2001
Information Extraction Li Baoli 12.2622 Oct-22-2001
Coordination in word-formation Laurie Bauer 12.2976 Nov-28-2001
Movement Paradoxes Carsten Breul 12.2972 Nov-28-2001
Near/Middle/Far East in Different Languages Caren Brinckmann 12.2473 Oct-04-2001
Noun Phrase Constructions in Romance Langs Luis Casillas 12.2688 Oct-27-2001
Topicalization of Wh-Phrases Liang Chen 12.2601 Oct-18-2001
Speech/Text Program - Correction Annie Clark Ferreira 12.1647 Jun-22-2001
Pashto Language Follow-up Jamil Daher 12.2973 Nov-28-2001
Pashto Language Steven Donahue 12.2919 Nov-23-2001
Intro to Language Course Richard Epstein 12.2590 Oct-17-2001
Denotation of the "n-th Week of the Month/Year" Gregor Erbach 12.1858 Jul-19-2001
Negation in Contemporary French Bruno Estigarribia Fioravanti 12.1851 Jul-18-2001
Comparative Linguistics: Russian - German Evgeniy Gabrilovich 12.1062 Apr-12-2001
Quantification and negation (Linguist 12.2064) Bart Geurts 12.2150 Aug-29-2001
"Ventriloquizing" in Discourse Cynthia Gordon 12.2502 Oct-08-2001
Reflexive Markers in Ancient/Modern Greek Konstantinia Hatzopulu 12.2390 Sep-26-2001
Greek Clitic Doubling Andrew Janes 12.2680 Oct-26-2001
Nonlexical Interjections Gina Joue 12.1067 Apr-16-2001
Measuring Standard Fluency Rates Gina Joue 12.1576 Jun-15-2001
'Chicago' Etymology Revisited carl j weber 12.3102 Dec-14-2001
sum: verbal inflection J M Koppen 12.1629 Jun-19-2001
Autocorrect function in word processing software Kari Kraus 12.2078 Aug-21-2001
Unmarked Possessives Joost Kremers 12.1577 Jun-15-2001
Scientometrics of the LINGUIST Victor Kuperman 12.2321 Sep-20-2001
Building a Linguistic Library Richard Lavin 12.2451 Oct-03-2001
French Searchable Dictionary S Levi 12.3082 Dec-11-2001
Origins of Arigato Jonathan Lewis 12.1871 Jul-22-2001
Gender Differences in Non-Verbal Communication Michal Lisecki 12.2501 Oct-08-2001
Pronounciation of bin Laden Mark L. Louden 12.2391 Sep-26-2001
labiodental consonants Carol L Tenny 12.1496 Jun-06-2001
Blind Student in Foreign Language Class Beate Luo 12.905 Apr-01-2001
Wh-questions in Arabic O L Zavitnevich 12.1825 Jul-13-2001
Cognitive Semantics of Proper Names Zouhair Maalej 12.1465 May-31-2001
Re: Neologisms, Slovene/ Greenberg, Marc L 12.2977 Nov-27-2001
Action Nouns Lars Martin Fosse 12.914 Apr-01-2001
TOEFL and Konkani Speakers Ohkado Masayuki 12.1136 Apr-25-2001
Linguist12.1947:Semantic narrowing in borrowing Patrick McConvell 12.2219 Sep-11-2001
Spanish Usage Responses K. Miller 12.3068 Dec-09-2001
Kinesthetic-based Human Languages? Dan Moonhawk Alford 12.918 Apr-01-2001
German Particle Simone Mueller 12.1361 May-15-2001
Waves Alternatives Joybrato Mukherjee 12.637 Mar-08-2001
Source for Article on Grice Regina Musselman-Perez 12.886 Mar-29-2001
Use of the Term 'Reporting' Minako Nakayasu 12.991 Apr-07-2001
Relative Word Order Frequencies Frederick Newmeyer 12.2201 Sep-07-2001
Japanese/English Codeswitching Chad Nilep 12.2866 Nov-14-2001
French 'Si' Ira Noveck 12.259 Jan-31-2001
Null Subject in Coordinated Clauses Bruno Oliveira Maroneze 12.226 Jan-29-2001
Corpora English and German Frank Oswalt 12.526 Feb-25-2001
Talking Drums & Whistled Speech Aniruddh Patel 12.419 Feb-15-2001
Source of Russell Quote Stephen R. Anderson 12.2172 Sep-06-2001
Reflexivity by surrogacy Ahmad R Lotfi 12.3064 Dec-07-2001
Status of Assyrian Language Ahmad R. Lotfi 12.2363 Sep-24-2001
Language Acquisition Textbooks Catherine Rudin/HU/AC/WSC 12.1761 Jul-08-2001
Recommended Language Acquisition Texts Catherine Rudin/HU/AC/WSC 12.1686 Jun-28-2001
Books for Linguistics Entrance Exam Deborah Ruuskanen 12.2547 Oct-12-2001
Event Structure (Part 2) Andrea Schalley 12.1460 May-31-2001
Event Structure Andrea Schalley 12.1389 May-18-2001
Mosaic Rhyme Karen S. Chung 12.2083 Aug-22-2001
Trills and Second Language Accent Karen S. Chung 12.2753 Nov-03-2001
"Arigato" and "Tempura" Karen S. Chung 12.1906 Jul-26-2001
Phonetically Organised Dictionary Sue Sherman 12.1797 Jul-12-2001
Resources for Language and the Law Susana Sotillo IMAP 12.1665 Jun-26-2001
"Netiquette" on Linguist Richard Sproat 12.2439 Oct-02-2001
Future Markers in English Benedikt Szmrecsanyi 12.2811 Nov-09-2001
Syllabic Consonants Zoe Toft 12.1895 Jul-25-2001
American Pronunciation Larry Trask 12.2228 Sep-13-2001
'Life is Journey' Metaphors in Poems Vicky Tzuyin Lai 12.1029 Apr-11-2001
Reliability of Internet for Linguistic Purposes Denis V Kazakov, 12.2038 Aug-12-2001
Typology of Multiple Questions Ralf Vogel 12.1725 Jul-03-2001
Prefabricated Units Tommy Wasserman 12.2487 Oct-07-2001
An Unusual Spanish Construction Colin Whiteley Whiteley 12.38 Jan-09-2001
Language Acquisition Outside Formal Education tomasz wisniewski 12.2378 Sep-25-2001
Kana/Kanji and Brain Damage John W. Nelson 12.2651 Oct-24-2001
Past Imperatives in English Henk Wolf 12.2947 Nov-26-2001
History of Linguistics Fay Wouk 12.809 Mar-23-2001
History of LInguistics Fay Wouk 12.865 Mar-25-2001