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Words in Time and Place: Exploring Language Through the Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary

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Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases

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Ampersand: An International Journal of General and Applied Linguistics

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83 Summaries in 1998

Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date
summary: past ability verbs Debra Ziegeler 9.362 Mar-12-1998
Summary-AAE & lg acquisition C Rafal 9.1539 Nov-03-1998
summary responses to Spanish gender (9.1567) Maria Jose Alvarez-Torres 8.675 Nov-10-1998
CD rom Linguistics: summary Jeanine Treffers-Daller 8.675 Nov-11-1998
Movies with convincing accents Joseph Tomei 8.675 Nov-14-1998
Introductory Syntax Textbook: Response Randy Sharp 8.675 Nov-18-1998
Negotiation in interaction Wilfried Oeller 8.675 Nov-19-1998
Sum: Focus condition on Heavy Shift Carsten Breul 8.675 Nov-20-1998
Jakobson Quote Hartmut Haberland 9.32 Jan-09-1998
GoldVarb (addendum) Robert Sigley 9.1476 Oct-22-1998
SUM: Taiwanese Phonology TONG MIU SIM MALINDY 9.100 Jan-21-1998
Sum: Russian word frequency lists Michael Ullman 9.169 Feb-04-1998
'and' & anaphora (summary) Bart Geurts 9.82 Jan-19-1998
Summary: red and yellow Hiroaki Tanaka 9.95 Jan-21-1998
Sum: women's language Hiroaki Tanaka 9.155 Feb-02-1998
Summary: Optimality & Syntax Acquisition Erica Thrift 9.212 Feb-12-1998
Sum: grammars Elke Hentschel 9.214 Feb-12-1998
Report on Test for a Universal (`but', `also') Arthur Merin 9.240 Feb-17-1998
Sum: Pronoun Rolf Tatje 9.229 Feb-13-1998
DAGs & AVMs Joseph Hilferty 9.386 Mar-11-1998
Language Maps Mari Broman Olsen 9.1486 Oct-23-1998
Summary of Gert Webelhuth 9.1487 Oct-24-1998
Summary-AAE & lg acquisition CRafal CRafal 9.1539 Nov-03-1998
summary responses to Spanish gender (9.1567) Maria Jose Alvarez-Torres 9.1581 Nov-10-1998
CD rom Linguistics: summary Treffers-Daller, Jeanine 9.1594 Nov-11-1998
Movies with convincing accents Joseph Tomei 9.1612 Nov-14-1998
Morphosyntactic Features Mike_Maxwell Mike_Maxwell 9.1599 Nov-13-1998
Introductory Syntax Textbook: Response Randy Sharp 9.1643 Nov-18-1998
Morphosyntactic Features: 2nd summary Mike_Maxwell Mike_Maxwell 9.1644 Nov-18-1998
Sum: Focus condition on Heavy Shift Carsten Breul 9.1651 Nov-20-1998
Russian Syntax Jameela Ann Lares 9.249 Feb-18-1998
Summary of Irrealis Discussion Claire Bowern 9.241 Feb-18-1998
SUM: Animacy Andrew Carnie 9.1653 Nov-20-1998
Sources of Amerind and Armenian descriptive material David Harris 9.1701 Dec-02-1998
Amerind/Armenian Source David Harris 9.1722 Dec-03-1998
Animacy II Andrew Carnie 9.1726 Dec-05-1998
Biblical Hebrew Asya Pereltsvaig 9.1729 Dec-05-1998
Correction Re. Sum, 9.1701, Sources/Amerind & Armenian SILVER SILVER 9.1728 Dec-04-1998
English-based creole textbook JPKIRCHNER JPKIRCHNER 9.1727 Dec-06-1998
Re: Cognate Object summary Piroska Csuri 9.1757 Dec-10-1998
Another summary: Morphosyntactic Features Mike_Maxwell Mike_Maxwell 9.1770 Dec-08-1998
Lexical Borrowing nourgalal@usa net 9.1777 Dec-09-1998
Summary: Textbooks in Spanish Martina Faller 9.1776 Dec-13-1998
International Words Karen Steffen Chung 9.1779 Dec-12-1998
Summary: Breast/Milk Lexicon Krisadawan Hongladarom 9.198 Feb-10-1998
Sunshower summary Bert Vaux 9.1795 Dec-16-1998
summary: modals YIB00161 YIB00161 9.929 Jun-22-1998
Slavic Noun Phrase Larisa Zlatic 9.943 Jun-24-1998
GO+and+VERB constructions (Epilog) Anatol Stefanowitsch 9.1812 Dec-18-1998
Technology in Linguistics Classes Kirk Hazen 9.1825 Dec-22-1998
Pronoun Rolf Tatje 9.253 Feb-19-1998
Summary: Chomsky/Foucault Interview Stuart Robinson 9.93 Jan-21-1998
Third Summary, Lexical Borrowing nourgalal@usa net> 10.11 Dec-26-1998
Asian Adjectives Michael Jung 9.265 Feb-20-1998
Negotiation in interaction Wilfried Oeller 9.1645 Nov-19-1998
Summary: English word frequency Alex Zheltuhin 9.258 Feb-19-1998
Icelandic Phonology Antony Dubach Green 9.264 Feb-20-1998
Japanese First Language Acquisition David Ludden 9.267 Feb-22-1998
Summary, children's mocking tune Lee Hartman 9.129 Jan-25-1998
'enjoy oneself (by) doing' Hiroaki Tanaka 9.139 Jan-30-1998
Sum: Etyma Maria Carlota A 9.149 Jan-31-1998
Foreign Language Learning Disability: Summary Andrea Osburne 9.213 Feb-11-1998
About Optative Mood in Greek Language Nicla Rossini 9.1457 Oct-19-1998
Re: Syntax and Semantics of Graeme Forbes 9.227 Feb-12-1998
Mac audio/transcription software Kristine Hasund 9.158 Feb-03-1998
Summary: ASL/L1, L2 Megan Elizabeth Melancon 9.219 Feb-12-1998
Sum: Statistics on Nonverbal Communication George Elgin, Suzette Haden 9.230 Feb-14-1998
French Song Lyrics BenWoyth BenWoyth 9.928 Jun-21-1998
A summary of Eung-Cheon Hah 9.909 Jun-17-1998
SUM: dictionary software Michal Lisecki 9.1452 Oct-16-1998
Sum: GoldVarb (addendum) Mario Cal Varela 9.1461 Oct-20-1998
Quantifying metaphors k auty 9.1475 Oct-21-1998
Have to/Have got to Kenji Kashino 9.398 Mar-17-1998
Creaky voice/formant frequencies Silvia Moosmueller 9.407 Mar-19-1998
Summary on Zwarts Paul Millar 9.280 Feb-24-1998
Summary: 'cookies' monika bruendl 9.309 Mar-02-1998
(Un)certainty Henny Klein 9.329 Mar-05-1998
More on left-right asymmetries of word order variation bingfu lu 9.359 Mar-08-1998
O-words: colloquial/slangy words ending in <-o> Mikael Parkvall 9.360 Mar-08-1998
Sum. English Word Frequency (Update) Alex Zheltuhin 9.291 Feb-26-1998
Apple-word, Summary Theo Vennemann 9.421 Mar-17-1998
English Modals YIB00161@niftyserve or jp> 9.448 Mar-24-1998
Jakobson Quote Hartmut Haberland 9.32 Jan-09-1998


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