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Style, Mediation, and Change

Edited by Janus Mortensen, Nikolas Coupland, and Jacob Thogersen

Style, Mediation, and Change "Offers a coherent view of style as a unifying concept for the sociolinguistics of talking media."

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Intonation and Prosodic Structure

By Caroline Féry

Intonation and Prosodic Structure "provides a state-of-the-art survey of intonation and prosodic structure."

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93 Summaries IN 1997

Subject Line Submitter Issue No. DATE
2nd Lg Acq bibliography Ronald Ross 8.347 Mar-05-1997
Addendum sentence acceptability (8.1555, 8.1567) Carsten Breul 8.1567 Nov-04-1997
SUM: Adjectival inflection in Old English Fernando Martinho 8.342 Mar-08-1997
adjectives, terminology, follow-up Charles J Fillmore 8.1134 Aug-04-1997
Advice on PhD in Linguistics Bill Croft 8.380 Mar-11-1997
summary on anglicization of names Larry Rosenwald 8.956 Jun-25-1997
summary on anglicization of names Larry Rosenwald 8.956 Jun-25-1997
angry/hungry et al? alan harris 8.929 Jun-17-1997
Sum: Appalachian English Christen Marie Pearson 8.168 Feb-02-1997
Sum: Appalachian English addendum Christen Marie Pearson 8.216 Feb-09-1997
Re: Biblio Ronald Ross 8.387 Mar-13-1997
Selcuk Issever 8.454 Mar-31-1997
Sum: bilabial trill cpeust cpeust 8.45 Jan-16-1997
textbooks for intro syntax and semantics lijeni lijeni 8.756 May-20-1997
Lgs with case-marking split conditioned by tense and/or aspect Stuart Robinson 8.429 Mar-24-1997
CD-ROM summary Peter Daniels 8.450 Mar-28-1997
Comparatives Jan K Lindstrom 8.1001 Jul-02-1997
Web-based computer-aided language learning Rodrik Wade 8.669 May-05-1997
Construction of illness Arran Stibbe 8.288 Feb-24-1997
Conversational Repair M Eleftheriadou 8.579 Apr-24-1997
Corpora Royle Phaedra 8.363 Mar-12-1997
Corpora for Greek and Turkish Royle Phaedra 8.471 Apr-02-1997
Corpora of historical German texts Gert Webelhuth 8.386 Mar-16-1997
Sum: dative shift centro multimediale linguistico 8.117 Jan-27-1997
Diachrony and the Minimalist Program sfisher sfisher 8.1097 Jul-25-1997
Sum: Digital/Analog Tape Recorders Arienne Dwyer 8.967 Jun-30-1997
Summary: Double-Dutch and Youthese / Pig Latin Waruno Mahdi 8.1208 Aug-20-1997
Dutch acquisition errors - summary Mark Donohue 8.821 Jun-02-1997
Sum: Electronic Dictionary on CD-ROM Ping Li 8.504 Apr-11-1997
Empathetic deixis comments Djordje Vidanovic 8.1020 Jul-05-1997
summary on English adjectives SGS03312@niftyserve or jp> 8.1082 Jul-22-1997
Summary: even if Hiroaki Tanaka 8.1057 Jul-14-1997
Sum: Expressions like 'Put them away yet?' Carsten Breul 8.842 Jun-04-1997
French frequency dictionary T Say 8.231 Feb-14-1997
two summaries Melanie Misanchuk 8.810 May-29-1997
sum:frequency Marcial Terradez 8.930 Jun-16-1997
'Fundamentals of Grammar' text Frederick Newmeyer 8.588 Apr-24-1997
GREPPING SUMMARY Dr R Doctor 8.1178 Aug-14-1997
Summary: Heavy Onsets References LAS Null 8.1095 Jul-25-1997
'Sorry to interrupt you, but . . .' Ann Jorid Klungervik 8.553 Apr-21-1997
Sum: History of For. Lang. Teaching/Lang. Policy Erica Benson 8.267 Feb-20-1997
Summary:Hmong Susan Meredith Burt 8.666 May-06-1997
Sum:'I'd love to.' & 'lovely' Junichi Murata 8.990 Jul-03-1997
India's role in the history of linguistics - summary Marcin Lewandowski 8.675 May-05-1997
intercultural communication Christiane Meierkord 8.1031 Jul-09-1997
Introductory syntax Nkonko Kamwangamalu 8.79 Jan-21-1997
ivory tower Misha Becker 8.455 Apr-03-1997
summary: L2 effects on L1 yuichi Todaka 8.475 Apr-07-1997
Language and Identity in Singapore mari rhydwen 8.534 Apr-17-1997
Sum: language comprehension Alain Dawson 8.646 May-02-1997
Sum: 8.797 Language identification Mark Mandel 8.931 Jun-18-1997
Lexicology/Lexicography Julie Coleman 8.679 May-07-1997
summary maillists for ca/ethnomethodology and sociolinguistics pkbdg pkbdg 8.10 Jan-10-1997
Sum: Low vowels in PIE Steven Schaufele 8.113 Jan-26-1997
SUM Master's dissertation Pia Kohlmyr 8.1222 Aug-21-1997
Sum: Maximal Onsets Ivan A Derzhanski 8.647 May-02-1997
Sum: names in corpora Kristine Hasund 8.678 May-07-1997
Natural language dialogue systems evaluation gas0 Null 8.778 May-21-1997
Negation/Affirmation Matti Miestamo 8.289 Feb-25-1997
Summary: Neologism reference N o s t 8.70 Jan-20-1997
Re: Summary: 'No' and 'Man' dave gough 8.585 Apr-25-1997
Summary: Nonce formations in Italian: verbs in -acchiare, -icchiare, -ucchiare Elmar Schafroth 8.719 May-13-1997
Numbers 6-10 MARC PICARD 8.444 Mar-26-1997
Sum: OCR software David Beck 8.1135 Aug-04-1997
summary: update on Official English Christopher Mierzejewski 8.466 Apr-05-1997
Ph.D. programs in Lx & Lit Richard Epstein 8.697 May-10-1997
Sum: Product names Olaf Husby 8.581 Apr-23-1997
summary of responses to psycholinguistics query DAVID WHARTON 8.1041 Jul-10-1997
Punctuation Summary SHAPERJJ@m4-arts bham ac uk> 8.696 May-09-1997
question on a word -Reply Jonathan Gilbert 8.1123 Jul-31-1997
Sum: Reactions to synthetic speech Bente Henrikka Moxness 8.824 Jun-02-1997
readability responses SHAPERJJ@m4-arts bham ac uk> 8.228 Feb-12-1997
Sum: References on 'as if/though ...' Sugayama Kensei 8.892 Jun-15-1997
Sum: Right Dislocation Lawrence Y L 8.749 May-19-1997
Summary: Sao Tome Creole Ana Lucia Santos 8.844 Jun-06-1997
Scope Ambiguities Eung-Cheon Hah 8.539 Apr-18-1997
Sociolinguistic Doctoral Programs Michelle A Hudgins 8.573 Apr-22-1997
Sociolinguistics/TESL Text mfinney mfinney 8.631 Apr-29-1997
Linguistic software StThGries StThGries 8.735 May-15-1997
Sum: Spanish Corpora Michael D Kliffer 8.389 Mar-17-1997
Spanish for Bilinguals/Native Speakers Douglas Demo 8.275 Feb-25-1997
Sum: Speech Analysis Tools Charles Chien-Jer Lin 8.747 May-17-1997
Sum: spoken language corpora yystud yystud 8.367 Mar-12-1997
Sum: Particle Movement StThGries StThGries 8.879 Jun-14-1997
Query Summary: Tense minako nakayasu 8.872 Jun-12-1997
Tense in subordinate clauses hiro-t 8.303 Feb-28-1997
Sum: Two variants of schwa. Gabriele Azzaro 8.44 Jan-16-1997
Summary: Two-word stage in language acquisition Christophe Parisse 8.494 Apr-09-1997
sum: varieties of English Mario Cal Varela 8.156 Jan-29-1997
Sum: Videos about the brain Barbara Abbott 8.274 Feb-24-1997
Weinreich quote Donn Bayard Anthropology Dept., Univ. of Otago, Dunedin, NZ 8.306 Mar-01-1997
Whispering and singing in tone languages Susan Fischer 8.567 Apr-22-1997
sum: will and shall in journal writing M Shuib 8.93 Jan-23-1997