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Style, Mediation, and Change

Edited by Janus Mortensen, Nikolas Coupland, and Jacob Thogersen

Style, Mediation, and Change "Offers a coherent view of style as a unifying concept for the sociolinguistics of talking media."

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Intonation and Prosodic Structure

By Caroline Féry

Intonation and Prosodic Structure "provides a state-of-the-art survey of intonation and prosodic structure."

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Summaries on English

136 Summaries on English

Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date
Sum: Eng.Complementizer Neil Salmond 10.1838 Dec-01-1999
26.2105, Qs: Epistemic Seiichi Myoga 26.2445 May-10-2015
Summary-AAE & lg acquisition CRafal CRafal 9.1539 Nov-03-1998
Summary-AAE & lg acquisition C Rafal 9.1539 Nov-03-1998
Air Traffic Communication Raija Solatie 11.1042 May-07-2000
American Dialects Stan Anonby 16.1469 May-09-2005
American Pronunciation Larry Trask 12.2228 Sep-13-2001
Revised - American /t/ Dan Faulkner 10.51 Jan-12-1999
An interim report of the "understandability" Q. Noriko Nakanishi 15.2412 Aug-29-2004
An interim report of the "understandability" Q. Noriko Nakanishi 15.2412 Aug-29-2004
Sum: Appalachian English Christen Marie Pearson 8.168 Feb-02-1997
Sum: Appalachian English addendum Christen Marie Pearson 8.216 Feb-09-1997
attribution of quotes on English borrowing Steve Hartman Keiser 14.1933 Jul-15-2003
Australian [ae]-lengthening Tonio Green 16.858 Mar-21-2005
Reflexivity by surrogacy Ahmad R Lotfi 12.3064 Dec-07-2001
Pronounciation of bin Laden Mark L. Louden 12.2391 Sep-26-2001
Change of English Usage Atsuko Umesaki 11.615 Mar-17-2000
Color Survey matubara matubara 10.686 May-06-1999
compound nouns Caroline Reul 13.375 Feb-08-2002
Summary on contractions in English Alan Smith 10.127 Jan-27-1999
Summary: 'cookies' monika bruendl 9.309 Mar-02-1998
Coordination in word-formation Laurie Bauer 12.2976 Nov-28-2001
Corpora Royle Phaedra 8.363 Mar-12-1997
Corpora for Greek and Turkish Royle Phaedra 8.471 Apr-02-1997
corpus studies, elementary and high school texts Stacia Levy 15.1259 Apr-16-2004
Sum: dative shift centro multimediale linguistico 8.117 Jan-27-1997
Discourse functions of nominal terms of address Claudia Bubel 14.3403 Dec-02-2003
'DO' Survey Jean Gilbert LEOUE 14.959 Mar-30-2003
-ee Suffix in English Anja Wanner 11.1355 Jun-18-2000
Ellipisis in English George A. Senf 12.808 Mar-23-2001
Sum: Eng.Complementizer Neil Salmond 10.1838 Dec-01-1999
ESP references Nikolinka Nenova 10.1180 Aug-10-1999
idioms Beate Waffenschmidt 13.564 Feb-26-2002
Summary: English imperatives with overt 'You' (11-265) Kevin R Gregg 11.316 Feb-15-2000
English Modals YIB00161@niftyserve or jp> 9.448 Mar-24-1998
English pretonic syncope Katalin Balogne Berces 13.971 Apr-08-2002
Sum:English reflexives Makoto SHIMIZU 11.1256 Jun-05-2000
English Roots within English Words/Completion Summary Jack Williams 10.655 May-03-1999
Summary: English /(s)tr/ clusters shelly harrison 10.217 Feb-10-1999
Summary: English word frequency Alex Zheltuhin 9.258 Feb-19-1998
Sum. English Word Frequency (Update) Alex Zheltuhin 9.291 Feb-26-1998
'enjoy oneself (by) doing' Hiroaki Tanaka 9.139 Jan-30-1998
Sum: Focus condition on Heavy Shift Carsten Breul 8.675 Nov-20-1998
for Query:10.1728 Do Support & Adjectives And Verbs Dave Gough 10.1917 Dec-11-1999
2nd Summary: Complementizers Neil Salmond 10.1838 Dec-06-1999
2nd Summary: Complementizers Neil Salmond 10.1884 Dec-06-1999
Sum: multiple wh-XP interrogatives Carsten Breul 10.1870 Dec-03-1999
for Query 11.13:English Word Frequency Jean Wang 11.163 Jan-25-2000
for Query 11.13:English Word Frequency Jean Wang 11.163 Jan-25-2000
Summary of comments on Tom Fitzsimmons 11.202 Feb-01-2000
for Query 11.190:"a couple" vs "a couple of" Tom Fitzsimmons 11.202 Feb-01-2000
For Query 11.94: American English Flap Jorge Guitart 11.125 Jan-20-2000
GO+and+VERB constructions (Epilog) Anatol Stefanowitsch 9.1812 Dec-18-1998
Grammar Texts for English Ed Teachers Larry LaFond 16.420 Feb-11-2005
Have to/Have got to Kenji Kashino 9.398 Mar-17-1998
'Sorry to interrupt you, but . . .' Ann Jorid Klungervik 8.553 Apr-21-1997
summary of 'de se' responses Ana Perez-Leroux 10.604 Apr-26-1999
Inversion in embedded clauses Ming-Wei Lee 11.165 Jan-25-2000
Inversion in embedded clauses mwl1 mwl1 11.165 Jan-25-2000
Irregular English Past Tense Scott McClure 16.2608 Sep-11-2005
Re: When/Where did Robert Angelino 10.415 Mar-18-1999
homophonous affixes Mike Maxwell Mike Maxwell 10.1764 Nov-19-1999
ivory tower Misha Becker 8.455 Apr-03-1997
James D. Nicoll quote - mystery solved kemmer kemmer 13.499 Feb-20-2002
k/t alternation summary Kirk Hazen 10.316 Feb-26-1999
L2 interdental substitutions DAVE GOUGH 10.662 May-04-1999
sum: language games Lynne Murphy 10.819 May-25-1999
'Life is Journey' Metaphors in Poems Vicky Tzuyin Lai 12.1029 Apr-11-2001
summary: modals YIB00161 YIB00161 9.929 Jun-22-1998
English Derivational/Inflectional Morphology Analyzer Carmen Cross 11.307 Feb-08-2000
Movement Paradoxes Carsten Breul 12.2972 Nov-28-2001
Movies with convincing accents Joseph Tomei 8.675 Nov-14-1998
Movies with convincing accents Joseph Tomei 9.1612 Nov-14-1998
Summary: multiple wh-questions Miura Ikuo 10.173 Feb-04-1999
Negative Raising Hiroaki Tanaka 10.771 Nov-02-1999
Summary: Neologism reference N o s t 8.70 Jan-20-1997
Nida: bibliography Pilar Herranz 12.3084 Dec-12-2000
Re: Summary: 'No' and 'Man' dave gough 8.585 Apr-25-1997
summary: update on Official English Christopher Mierzejewski 8.466 Apr-05-1997
OFTEN pronounced with t Neal R Norrick 10.1666 Nov-03-1999
Online Survey on Thematic Roles Brian Murphy 17.1209 Apr-20-2006
Ouch!/ow!/aija! Fred Cummins 10.522 Apr-06-1999
O-words: colloquial/slangy words ending in <-o> Mikael Parkvall 9.360 Mar-08-1998
Parallel Texts for MT Evaluation D Elliott 14.1678 Jun-13-2003
summary: past ability verbs Debra Ziegeler 9.362 Mar-12-1998
Past Imperatives in English Henk Wolf 12.2947 Nov-26-2001
Personal Pronouns/Reference to Mother Richard Dury 10.216 Feb-07-1999
Phonology Experiment: The Rhythm of English Adrian Leis 23.3289 Aug-02-2012
British vs American English pronunciation Alain Th鲩ault 13.405 Feb-11-2002
Phonotactic constraints in English Natalia Modjeska 14.2944 Oct-28-2003
Prepositions/functional uses Andrew McIntyre 10.702 May-07-1999
Pronoun Rolf Tatje 9.253 Feb-19-1998
Sum: Pronoun Rolf Tatje 9.229 Feb-13-1998
Pronoun Ellipsis Sadao Ando 10.402 Mar-16-1999
Future Markers in English Benedikt Szmrecsanyi 12.2811 Nov-09-2001
Raising predicates in English Yamaguchi Atsuko 10.648 May-01-1999
for Query:10.1673 Ling vis-a-vis Socio-economic development Niladri Sekhar Dash 10.1802 Nov-24-1999
Expletive Infixation Mircea Sauciuc 15.968 Mar-22-2004
referential determiners Tania R Ionin 13.1014 Apr-10-2002
Relative Word Order Frequencies Frederick Newmeyer 12.2201 Sep-07-2001
Resultatives in English and Icelandic Matthew Whelpton 17.1868 Jun-20-2006
A summary of Eung-Cheon Hah 9.909 Jun-17-1998
Results on adj. such as 'big' Sanford Goldberg 10.572 Apr-20-1999
Re: Neologisms, Slovene/ Greenberg, Marc L 12.2977 Nov-27-2001
Sociolinguistics/TESL Text mfinney mfinney 8.631 Apr-29-1997
Speech Perception Survey Bartek Plichta 14.1561 Jun-02-2003
Sum: Statistics on Nonverbal Communication George Elgin, Suzette Haden 9.230 Feb-14-1998
Subjects of Non-inflected and Inflected Verbs Rocío Pérez-Tattam 17.72 Jan-10-2006
Sum - 'booting' Martin Paviour-Smith 15.1606 May-18-2004
SUM: emerging pronunciation of 'presentation' Rob Hagiwara 14.2390 Sep-09-2003
English Affix Reduplication Andrew McIntyre 15.1929 Jun-27-2004
Contrasting senses for 'leave' baskaran - 14.553 Feb-24-2003
Interdental /l - Part 1 Mark Jones 15.1836 Jun-17-2004
Summary: Interdental /l/ part 1 Mark Jones 15.1836 Jun-17-2004
Summary: Latin / English Plural of Virus Ninja Looter 8.675 May-13-2004
Summary of anaphoras to "every" Norihiro Ogata 14.1817 Jun-30-2003
Summary of Aspiration in English sCC Katalin Balogne Berces 15.1928 Jun-26-2004
Summary of Etymology of the Latin word 'navia' A S Sundar 26.1302 Mar-08-2015
Summary of Intonation Break Eung-Cheon Hah 14.3303 Dec-01-2003
Summary of Responses to Southern /ay/ Query Bartek Plichta 14.1561 May-31-2003
Monophthongal Canadian English /e/ and /o/ Juli Cebrian 15.2898 Oct-08-2004
Sum: Object detion of "and not" Hiroaki Tanaka 15.969 Mar-21-2004
Sum: Polar interrogatives without auxiliaries Bruno Estigarribia 15.1268 Apr-18-2004
SUM Posting 15.1932 Barbara Avila-Shah 15.2028 Jul-07-2004
Sum: Typical "mistakes" made by Finns part 1 of 2 John Hammink 13.2133 Aug-15-2002
ESL/Typical Errors Made by Finns/Part 2 John Hammink 13.2172 Aug-25-2002
Vowel/Zero Terms Ivan A Derzhanski 14.3224 Nov-24-2003
Re: Syntax and Semantics of Graeme Forbes 9.227 Feb-12-1998
Tense in subordinate clauses hiro-t 8.303 Feb-28-1997
TOEFL and Konkani Speakers Ohkado Masayuki 12.1136 Apr-25-2001
Sum: Two variants of schwa. Gabriele Azzaro 8.44 Jan-16-1997
(Un)certainty Henny Klein 9.329 Mar-05-1998
use of 'go ahead' in spoken English Emma Pavey 15.970 Mar-22-2004
Use of MUCH Agneta M-L Svalberg 15.3177 Nov-12-2004
sum: varieties of English Mario Cal Varela 8.156 Jan-29-1997
sum: will and shall in journal writing M Shuib 8.93 Jan-23-1997