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Style, Mediation, and Change

Edited by Janus Mortensen, Nikolas Coupland, and Jacob Thogersen

Style, Mediation, and Change "Offers a coherent view of style as a unifying concept for the sociolinguistics of talking media."

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Intonation and Prosodic Structure

By Caroline Féry

Intonation and Prosodic Structure "provides a state-of-the-art survey of intonation and prosodic structure."

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52 Summaries on Language Acquisition

Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date  Asc / Desc
2nd Lg Acq bibliography Ronald Ross 8.347 05-Mar-1997
Summary-AAE & lg acquisition C Rafal 9.1539 03-Nov-1998
Summary-AAE & lg acquisition CRafal CRafal 9.1539 03-Nov-1998
Acquisition of Narratives in L2 Christine Moeller 17.932 28-Mar-2006
Recommended Language Acquisition Texts Catherine Rudin/HU/AC/WSC 12.1686 28-Jun-2001
An interim report of the "understandability" Q. Noriko Nakanishi 15.2412 29-Aug-2004
An interim report of the "understandability" Q. Noriko Nakanishi 15.2412 29-Aug-2004
Language Acquisition Textbooks Catherine Rudin/HU/AC/WSC 12.1761 08-Jul-2001
Summary: ASL/L1, L2 Megan Elizabeth Melancon 9.219 12-Feb-1998
Re: Biblio Ronald Ross 8.387 13-Mar-1997
Bilingual compounding references Erika Levy 10.317 26-Feb-1999
Case of Genie Nobuko Koyama-Murakami 11.993 30-Apr-2000
Web-based computer-aided language learning Rodrik Wade 8.669 05-May-1997
Dutch acquisition errors - summary Mark Donohue 8.821 02-Jun-1997
ESL Software/ Mac Larry Larry 11.809 08-Apr-2000
First Acquisition of North American Aboriginal Languages Mary Marino 17.2733 21-Sep-2006
Grammar and writing Dick Hudson 11.1117 16-May-2000
Heritage Language Speakers Karen Stanley 17.1437 09-May-2006
Irregular English Past Tense Scott McClure 16.2608 11-Sep-2005
Japanese First Language Acquisition David Ludden 9.267 22-Feb-1998
summary: L2 effects on L1 yuichi Todaka 8.475 07-Apr-1997
L2 interdental substitutions DAVE GOUGH 10.662 04-May-1999
L2 Lang Acq: Advanced Learners' Dictionaries Julia Miller 21.4607 10-Nov-2010
L2 Speech Perception s-tokuma_eibun s-tokuma_eibun 11.725 30-Mar-2000
Linguists Writing About Their Own Children Arika Okrent 19.3932 19-Dec-2008
loans/metaphors P Kurtboke 11.1306 10-Jun-2000
Maternal Input and Cognition Thora Tenbrink 11.1077 11-May-2000
Meanings of Particles in Phrasal Verbs Alison Crutchley 17.328 31-Jan-2006
Mosaic Rhyme Karen S. Chung 12.2083 22-Aug-2001
Motherese and SLA Laura Wagner 10.395 12-Mar-1999
Summary: Optimality & Syntax Acquisition Erica Thrift 9.212 12-Feb-1998
OT and SLA phonology Femke Wester 11.473 03-Mar-2000
'Outperforming' Native Speakers Nigel Duffield 17.1396 04-May-2006
Parallel texts in FL learning John Nerbonne 10.704 08-May-1999
Portuguese child language Madalena Cruz-Ferreira 10.1321 09-Sep-1999
Recursion in Children's Rhymes Jill de Villiers 17.847 18-Mar-2006
Relation between grammar and lexicon in SLA Mikael Parkvall 10.1435 02-Oct-1999
Relationship Between Spoken and Written Grammar Mark Brenchley 21.1692 05-Apr-2010
Reverse Language Transfer - Positive or Negative? Detelina Kalkandjieva 16.3102 22-Oct-2005
Second Dialect Acquisition Jeff Siegel 10.401 15-Mar-1999
Some results of Language Learning Beliefs Survey Ron Peek 26.4932 01-Nov-2015
Spoken French Word List by Frequency Arno Bramann-Bernard 22.290 14-Jan-2011
Stephen King's Uvular Nasal Tap Karen Chung 18.2240 18-Jul-2007
Strong Crossover Task William J Crawford 11.926 22-Apr-2000
Language Acquisition Outside Formal Education tomasz wisniewski 12.2378 25-Sep-2001
Liaison Acquisition in French Paviour-Smith, Martin 14.1915 12-Jul-2003
Infant-Directed Speech Fay Wouk 14.2805 16-Oct-2003
Tests of English Language Proficiency Yana Pugach 18.689 04-Mar-2007
Trills and Second Language Accent Karen S. Chung 12.2753 03-Nov-2001
Summary: Two-word stage in language acquisition Christophe Parisse 8.494 09-Apr-1997
Understandability of Errors Noriko Nakanishi (Hirokawa) 15.3596 23-Dec-2004
Very Multilingual Communities Richard Hudson 16.139 18-Jan-2005