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Style, Mediation, and Change

Edited by Janus Mortensen, Nikolas Coupland, and Jacob Thogersen

Style, Mediation, and Change "Offers a coherent view of style as a unifying concept for the sociolinguistics of talking media."

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Intonation and Prosodic Structure

By Caroline Féry

Intonation and Prosodic Structure "provides a state-of-the-art survey of intonation and prosodic structure."

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146 Summaries on General Linguistics

Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date  Asc / Desc
Theta/f Variation in Varieties of English Kirk Hazen 13.1959 18-Jul-2002
Building a Linguistic Library Richard Lavin 12.2451 03-Oct-2001
26.2105, Qs: Epistemic Seiichi Myoga 26.2445 10-May-2015
Addendum: Online Linguistics Courses Abigail Konopasky 16.3191 04-Nov-2005
addendum to summary Jim Long 14.707 09-Mar-2003
Advice on PhD in Linguistics Bill Croft 8.380 11-Mar-1997
An interim report of the "understandability" Q. Noriko Nakanishi 15.2412 29-Aug-2004
An interim report of the "understandability" Q. Noriko Nakanishi 15.2412 29-Aug-2004
Anti-Perfect Guillermo Soto 20.2197 16-Jun-2009
autonumbering in Word Janet Randall 15.1746 03-Jun-2004
Audience Design Ludmila Dutkova 10.1672 03-Nov-1999
Sum: Bilingual Puns Anatol Stefanowitsch 10.1515 13-Oct-1999
Reflexivity by surrogacy Ahmad R Lotfi 12.3064 07-Dec-2001
Summary: Breast/Milk Lexicon Krisadawan Hongladarom 9.198 10-Feb-1998
resultative etc. uses of Julian Bradfield 13.864 27-Mar-2002
CD rom Linguistics: summary Jeanine Treffers-Daller 8.675 11-Nov-1998
CD rom Linguistics: summary Treffers-Daller, Jeanine 9.1594 11-Nov-1998
Summary: Chomsky/Foucault Interview Stuart Robinson 9.93 21-Jan-1998
Summary of Gert Webelhuth 9.1487 24-Oct-1998
Comparative Linguistics: Russian - German Evgeniy Gabrilovich 12.1062 12-Apr-2001
compound nouns Caroline Reul 13.375 08-Feb-2002
Coordination in word-formation Laurie Bauer 12.2976 28-Nov-2001
core grammars Cristina Barbero 10.1994 22-Dec-1999
Cyber-linguistic Questions Larry Chong(?Έ?) 10.1610 24-Oct-1999
Dat Tapes Tania Granadillo 14.2773 13-Oct-2003
'DO' Survey Jean Gilbert LEOUE 14.959 30-Mar-2003
ESP references Nikolinka Nenova 10.1180 10-Aug-1999
idioms Beate Waffenschmidt 13.564 26-Feb-2002
English Judgments on the Meaning of 'other' Oystein Nilsen 18.688 26-Jan-2007
English 'Should Of' Construction Mark Jones 17.1861 22-Jun-2006
Sum: Etyma Maria Carlota A 9.149 31-Jan-1998
Evolution of number in Slavonic languages Benítez-Burraco Antonio 8.675 15-Jul-2003
Existential Constructions Ljuba Veselinova 18.1301 19-Apr-2007
Experiments and Essays using Comics Neil Cohn 15.1206 12-Apr-2004
Correction: Field Recording Equipment Jim Long 14.720 12-Mar-2003
Fieldwork Recorder Advice HMooney HMooney 11.1346 14-Jun-2000
Re:13.261 Focus sharbani Banerji 13.379 10-Feb-2002
Summary #2: Lexical Semantics Readings Request, from Linguist list volume 10.1459.3 Heidi Harley 10.1644 31-Oct-1999
For Query: 10.1587 Negation in French Kitamoto Kitamoto 10.1799 25-Nov-1999
For Query: 10.1659/ Verb Frequency Lists Nancy Salay 10.1711 09-Nov-1999
for Query:10.1703:Ling Theories/Websites Jennifer Golding 10.1829 30-Nov-1999
for Query:10.1740 Functional Load David R Bogdan 11.72 13-Jan-2000
for Query 11.13:English Word Frequency Jean Wang 11.163 25-Jan-2000
Fortition of Palatal Glide in Romance Steven Schaufele 13.463 16-Feb-2002
Genie Sandino L 14.715 12-Mar-2003
German Expressions Using "blau" Susanne Niemeier 13.1740 19-Jun-2002
Raija Solatie 13.268 30-Jan-2002
Gestures and Speech julia nikolaeva 13.1577 03-Jun-2002
Texts for High School Students AJDeFaz AJDeFaz 14.304 28-Jan-2003
summary of 'de se' responses Ana Perez-Leroux 10.604 26-Apr-1999
Influence of L2 on L1 Kirk Masden 13.1891 10-Jul-2002
International Words Karen Steffen Chung 9.1779 12-Dec-1998
Introductory Linguistics Texts in English Regina Morin 20.734 06-Mar-2009
Introspective Help Costas Gabrielatos 19.2514 15-Aug-2008
Intro to Language Course Richard Epstein 12.2590 17-Oct-2001
Inventing Languages Susan Meredith Burt 11.1085 11-May-2000
Jakobson Quote Hartmut Haberland 9.32 09-Jan-1998
James D. Nicoll quote - mystery solved kemmer kemmer 13.499 20-Feb-2002
L2 Acquisition of Suprasegmentals Tanja Angelovska M.A. 18.1383 04-May-2007
Language and Music Energin - 14.2380 09-Sep-2003
Language and communication awareness Andrea Faulstich 10.94 20-Jan-1999
sum: language games Lynne Murphy 10.819 25-May-1999
Language, Power and Politics Course Texts Richard Epstein 16.1926 19-Jun-2005
Lexicography and variation: big data via Google? Stefan Dollinger 27.2136 06-May-2016
Lingua Franca Passages in L'Europe Galante Lawrence A. Rosenwald 17.944 29-Mar-2006
Linguistically Significant Films Michael Barrie 16.1639 17-May-2005
Linguistic Experiments Marie Safarova 14.2206 20-Aug-2003
Linguistics Bedtime Reading lives! Katie Haegele 14.2328 03-Sep-2003
Linguistics Instruction - Use of Media Clips Lauren Squires 20.2513 13-Jul-2009
Linguistics Lite Elizabeth Winkler 15.1143 07-Apr-2004
Responses to Machine Translation Query Sherri Condon 13.380 08-Feb-2002
Most Frequently Used German Words christina mendez 15.769 03-Mar-2004
Motion verbs + Manner Stathis Selimis 13.899 01-Apr-2002
Sum: names in corpora Kristine Hasund 8.678 07-May-1997
SUM: So gay Dorine S Houston 13.498 09-Feb-2002
Online Courses for Introduction to Linguistics Tania Ionin 21.1975 25-Apr-2010
Replies related to 'Chechnia' Maher Bahloul 13.637 08-Mar-2002
Origin of 'un système où tout se tient' Laurie Bauer 14.1954 17-Jul-2003
PALM - a journal? Simone Mueller 11.2417 03-Nov-2000
Sum: Papiamentu Annie L Clark 10.1539 15-Oct-1999
Pashto Language Steven Donahue 12.2919 23-Nov-2001
Philosophies for Teaching Intro to Linguistics Jo Mackiewicz 15.2411 27-Aug-2004
Production/comprehension, LINGUIST 10.1050.2 Kirk Hazen 10.1142 29-Jul-1999
Sum: Product names Olaf Husby 8.581 23-Apr-1997
French Searchable Dictionary S Levi 12.3082 11-Dec-2001
Pronunciation of Heinrich Pfandl 13.108 16-Jan-2002
Sum: Pseudo-loanwords Anatol Stefanowitsch 10.1388 21-Sep-1999
for Query:10.1759:Air Traffic Controller Language Raija Solatie 10.1848 29-Nov-1999
Query 17.2096 Tone Realisation in Yoruba B-Rotimi Badejo 17.2202 30-Jul-2006
Quotation marks Stig W Joergensen 10.1576 20-Oct-1999
Raising children bilingual or not bilingual Stefan Ploch 14.2784 06-Oct-2003
Pashto Language Follow-up Jamil Daher 12.2973 28-Nov-2001
recording telephone interviews Suzanne K Hilgendorf 13.970 07-Apr-2002
referential determiners Tania R Ionin 13.1014 10-Apr-2002
Resources for online linguistics courses Abigail Konopasky 16.3103 27-Oct-2005
Responses to query 15.1450 : Citation Software D. Will Reiman 15.1701 01-Jun-2004
Sarcastic imperatives Kevin R Gregg 10.918 15-Jun-1999
Scientometrics of the LINGUIST Victor Kuperman 12.2321 20-Sep-2001
Lingua Franca in Sign Languages Steven Schaufele 13.258 30-Jan-2002
Linguistic software StThGries StThGries 8.735 15-May-1997
Source for Article on Grice Regina Musselman-Perez 12.886 29-Mar-2001
Source of Russell Quote Stephen R. Anderson 12.2172 06-Sep-2001
Summary of Spanish discourse terms Douglas Demo 10.754 17-May-1999
Speech Delay in Multilingual Environment Svitlana Budzhak-Jones 18.1028 02-Apr-2007
Sum: Subtraction in Numerals Ivan A Derzhanski 13.3329 11-Dec-2002
Berlin & Kay & ESL for children Steven Schaufele 15.1174 10-Apr-2004
Sum: Estuary English Joanna Ryfa 14.2257 18-Aug-2003
Etymology of 'Bikini Atoll' Boyan Nikolaev 16.22 31-Dec-2004
Language Maps Candice Luebbering 20.3235 21-Sep-2009
An Unusual Spanish Construction Colin Whiteley Whiteley 12.38 09-Jan-2001
Cognate Objects/Unaccusatives Andrew McIntyre 14.960 01-Apr-2003
Linguist-Software Interaction Burgel R.M. Faehndrich 16.1504 11-May-2005
Summary: Latin / English Plural of Virus Ninja Looter 8.675 13-May-2004
Summary: letter-order study Christina Sanchez 14.2681 03-Oct-2003
Anaphoras to 'every' Norihiro Ogata 14.1817 30-Jun-2003
Summary of Etymology of the Latin word 'navia' A S Sundar 26.1302 08-Mar-2015
Summary of Intonation Break Eung-Cheon Hah 14.3303 01-Dec-2003
Books for Linguistics Entrance Exam Deborah Ruuskanen 12.2547 12-Oct-2001
Endangered Languages Daniel Everett 13.3331 17-Dec-2002
Summary of responses to my Query #14.606 Jim Long 14.707 08-Mar-2003
Expressions Similar to Hebrew 'bixlal' Hagit Migron 16.999 01-Apr-2005
Latin Preposition and Conjunction Order George Huttar 15.541 10-Feb-2004
Summary: Things that no languages do Fritz Newmeyer 15.1701 01-Jun-2004
Summary: undergrad/grad classes in syntax Stanley Dubinsky 8.675 10-May-2004
Summary: undergrad/grad classes in syntax StanleyDubinsky Dubinsky 15.1485 10-May-2004
Sum: Query Voir 'to see' in imperative utterances Catherine Leger 25.3111 29-Jul-2014
Six Laws of Language and Linguistics in Draft Alexander Gross 16.3359 18-Nov-2005
Sunshower summary Bert Vaux 9.1795 16-Dec-1998
Table query Anna-Malin Karlsson 14.3402 06-Dec-2003
Tamil body part lexemes Wiltrud Mihatsch 13.411 14-Feb-2002
Tenure and Promotion Lynn Pearson 13.1365 15-May-2002
Summary of my query: Textbook for a language planning & policy class Elke Stracke 13.3406 20-Dec-2002
French Textbooks in General Ling GBidoric - 13.1270 07-May-2002
Theoretical Ling: Summer Schools and Equivalents Hagit Borer 22.2193 23-May-2011
Verbs "to have" and "to be" Pavol Stekauer 13.1392 17-May-2002
Summary: To tie someone over MARC PICARD 10.125 27-Jan-1999
Use of the Term 'Reporting' Minako Nakayasu 12.991 07-Apr-2001
Using UPSID in teaching linguistics Zoe Toft 14.1932 15-Jul-2003
sum: verbal inflection J M Koppen 12.1629 19-Jun-2001
Vocative Case/DPs James Myers 15.888 15-Mar-2004
VOT and stress Joaquim Brand㯤e Carvalho 13.565 25-Feb-2002
Voicing-conditioned vowel alternations Elliott Moreton 13.450 14-Feb-2002
Weinreich quote Donn Bayard Anthropology Dept., Univ. of Otago, Dunedin, NZ 8.306 01-Mar-1997
French Counting System Kim Ruth 15.533 09-Feb-2004
Words for "death" D. Alan Shewmon 14.2289 08-Sep-2003
Writing Systems Benedetta Bassetti benedetta 14.289 27-Jan-2003