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Linguistic Diversity and Social Justice

By Ingrid Piller

Linguistic Diversity and Social Justice "prompts thinking about linguistic disadvantage as a form of structural disadvantage that needs to be recognized and taken seriously."

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Language Evolution: The Windows Approach

By Rudolf Botha

Language Evolution: The Windows Approach addresses the question: "How can we unravel the evolution of language, given that there is no direct evidence about it?"

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17 Summaries on Anthropological Linguistics

Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date  Asc / Desc
Code-switching/ French-Kali'na Sophie ALBY 10.1558 18-Oct-1999
Languages in Contact Spiro Hamilothoris 10.718 11-May-1999
TOEFL and Konkani Speakers Ohkado Masayuki 12.1136 25-Apr-2001
Talking Drums & Whistled Speech Aniruddh Patel 12.419 15-Feb-2001
Summary: Swadesh query Robin Allott 13.2622 13-Oct-2002
Formula for Addressing Absent Reply Jan Lindström 15.3283 22-Nov-2004
Human Subjects Requirements Claire Bowern 16.1467 06-May-2005
Films and Documentaries on Endangered Languages Ole Stig Andersen 16.1562 16-May-2005
Language extinction, Neolithic Revolution John Kingston 16.2089 04-Jul-2005
Young People's Varieties Claire Bowern 17.1142 14-Apr-2006
Terminology Development in Amerindian Languages José Álvarez 17.1438 07-May-2006
Filming in the Field Jessica Boynton 17.600 23-Feb-2006
Language Maps Candice Luebbering 20.3235 21-Sep-2009
11th Century North Indian Languages Amitha Knight 22.2051 10-May-2011
Na'vi Research Study Results Christine Schreyer 22.4038 13-Oct-2011
intercultural communication Christiane Meierkord 8.1031 09-Jul-1997
Movies with convincing accents Joseph Tomei 8.675 14-Nov-1998