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Query:   Color Metaphors
Author:  Gill Philip
Submitter Email:  click here to access email
Linguistic LingField(s):   Psycholinguistics

Summary:   For Query: Linguist 11.1298

Here is a very concise summary of the replies to my colour metaphor

I'd like to say a very big thankyou to the following people who took the
time to reply:
Louanna Furbee, Martha McGinnis, Deborah D. Kela Ruuskanen, Abdulla
Al-Harrasi, Ashlee Bailey, Zouhair Maalej, Virginia Anderson, Charlotte
Basham, Vivian Cook, Mechthild Reh, Clifford Lutton, Susanne Niemeier,
Linda Bellahsene, Sean A. Day, Regine Hoffmann-Schwarz, Marie Kessing,
Vera Schmiedtova, Madalena Cruz-Ferreira
(I think I've replied to everyone personally - if not, please accept my

Other than general literature on metaphor, the following references were

Berlin, B. and Kay P., 1969, Basic Color Terms. Berkeley: University of
California Press.
De Grandis, Luigina, 1986, Theory and Use of Color; Upper Saddle, New
Jersey: Prentice Hall
Derrig, Sandra, 1978, Metaphor in the Color Lexicon, in Donka Farkas,
Wesley M. Jacobsen & Karol W. Todrys (eds), Proceedings of the Chicago
Linguistics Society: Papers from the parasession on the lexicon.
Chicago: Chicago Linguistic Society. 85-96.
Hardin, C.L. & Luisa Maffi (eds.), 1997, Color Categories in Thought and
Language. Cambridge: CUP.
Niemeier, Susanne, 1998, "Colourless green ideas metonymise furiously",
in Friedrich Ungerer (ed.), Kognitive Lexikologie und Syntax (Rostocker
Beitr?ge zur Sprachwissenschaft 5). Rostock: Universit?t Rostock, S.
Pawlowski, A: The Quantitative Approach in Cultural Anthropology:
Application of Linguistics Corpora in the Analysis of Basic Color Terms,
Journal of Quantitative Linguistics 6, 1999/3 p. 222.
Rabi'u Johammad Zarruk, 1978, The study of colour terms in the Hausa
language, in Harsunan Nigeriya 8 (1978): 51-78.
Renton, N. E., 1990, Metaphors an Annotated Dictionary: A Concise
Overview of 3,800 Picturesque Idiomatic Expressions Normally used
Subconsciously. Melbourne: Schwartz & Wilkinson.
E. Sommer and D. Weiss, 1996, Metaphors Dictionary, Visible Ink Press,
Detroit, MI
Wierzbicka, Anna, 1996, Semantics. Primes and Universals. Oxford
University Press
Wyler,Siegfried, 1992, Colour and Language. Tubingen: Gunter Narr Verlag

The American Heritage Dictionary
The Oxford English Dictionary

Here are some other references that can be followed up on:

"Kristeva did some work on 'blue' in French..." - Kela Ruuskanen
"...Enrico Arcaini 's work on the subject" - Regine Hoffmann-Schwarz - Sean Day
"I believe there's a literature on colour metaphors in Japanese haiku
and tanka... " - Martha McGinnis
"Contact Prof. Brian Stross, Dept. of Anthropology, University of Texas
for information of Tzeltal Maya metaphors" - Louanna Furbee
...and various comments on colour association...

I am not alone:

"I am approaching the last stage of writing my Ph.D. thesis entitled
"Metaphor in (Arabic-English) translation of political discourse" which
approaches the issue of metaphor in translation from the point of view
of the conceptual theory of metaphor." - Abdulla Al-Harrasi
"I am working on this subject in Czech language" - Vera Schmiedtova
"I have started collecting the same data from Tunisian Arabic, which I
never finished. In fact, I lost the file in a virus bug." - Zouhair

I hope this can be of use to others.

Gill Philip
Universit? di Bologna
Piazza S. Giovanni in Monte 4

Tel (centralino) + 39 051 209 7750
Fax + 39 051 209 7751

LL Issue: 11.1348
Date Posted: 17-Jun-2000
Original Query: Read original query


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