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It's Been Said Before

By Orin Hargraves

It's Been Said Before "examines why certain phrases become clichés and why they should be avoided -- or why they still have life left in them."

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Sounds Fascinating

By J. C. Wells

How do you pronounce biopic, synod, and Breughel? - and why? Do our cake and archaic sound the same? Where does the stress go in stalagmite? What's odd about the word epergne? As a finale, the author writes a letter to his 16-year-old self.

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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date  Asc / Desc
Negatives/Adjectives and Markedness gough, dave 10.1614 Oct-27-1999
Cyber-linguistic Features Chong, Larry 10.1618 Oct-26-1999
Russian dictionary , jabloko 10.1619 Oct-28-1999
English/Berber Corpora , manseri 10.1619 Oct-28-1999
Joos text, "Basic Notions , jireem 10.1626 Oct-28-1999
translation program for the Ge Clark, George 10.1626 Oct-28-1999
Chomsky "Language and Min Tapia, Elena 10.1640 Oct-30-1999
Reference on "person deixis" Han, Changyong 10.1640 Oct-30-1999
The German Quantifiers Manche and Einege , MAS 10.1643 Oct-31-1999
features of Internet word-formation , 10.1643 Oct-31-1999
Danish Infinitives Horesh, Uri 10.1646 Oct-31-1999
How Women are Conceptualised Again! , zmaalej 10.1646 Oct-31-1999
Persian data and EPP Lotfi, Ahmad 10.1655 Oct-31-1999
Markedness Hypothesis in Arabic/English Al-Najmi, Abdulaziz 10.1656 Nov-01-1999
Politeness Principle and Co-op ,> 10.1656 Nov-01-1999
Verb Frequency Lists Salay, Nancy 10.1659 Nov-01-1999
interlanguage pragmatics(transfer) zheng98, zheng98 10.1662 Oct-30-1999
Searching for "Lost" Essay of Freed, Arlyn 10.1663 Nov-02-1999
homophonous affixes mike_maxwell, mike_maxwell 10.1663 Nov-02-1999
Homophonous Affixes Maxwell, Mike 10.1663 Nov-02-1999
"Duplication" , zmaalej 10.167 Feb-03-1999
"Duplication" Mallej, Zouhair 10.167 Feb-01-1999
Philadelphian accent, Californian accent rafferty, daniel 10.167 Feb-03-1999
Ling vis-a-vis Socio-economic Sekhar Dash, Niladri 10.1673 Nov-03-1999
Semantics for speech & lan Mennen, I. 10.1673 Nov-04-1999

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