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Linguistic Diversity and Social Justice

By Ingrid Piller

Linguistic Diversity and Social Justice "prompts thinking about linguistic disadvantage as a form of structural disadvantage that needs to be recognized and taken seriously."

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Language Evolution: The Windows Approach

By Rudolf Botha

Language Evolution: The Windows Approach addresses the question: "How can we unravel the evolution of language, given that there is no direct evidence about it?"

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Review of  Language and Function

Reviewer: Pablo Isaac Kirtchuk
Book Title: Language and Function
Book Author: Josef Hladký
Publisher: John Benjamins
Linguistic Field(s): Linguistic Theories
Issue Number: 14.2977

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Pablo I. Kirtchuk-Halevi investigates general linguistics from a
functional-cognitive-typological point of view. The language families
he works on more specifically are Amerind (Quechua, Guarani, Pilaga...)
and Afro-Asiatic (Semitic: Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic...), as well as the
Romance groupo of Indo-European. His PhD (Paris, 1993), originally a
study of Noun Classes in Pilaga, led him to conclude that at the origin
of language is Deixis and that the classical Saussurean and Chomskyan
dichotomies such as langue-parole, competence-performance etc. should be
reversed. This is what he calls 'the Copernican revolution in