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Language Planning as a Sociolinguistic Experiment

By: Ernst Jahr

Provides richly detailed insight into the uniqueness of the Norwegian language development. Marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of the Norwegian nation following centuries of Danish rule

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Acquiring Phonology: A Cross-Generational Case-Study

By Neil Smith

The study also highlights the constructs of current linguistic theory, arguing for distinctive features and the notion 'onset' and against some of the claims of Optimality Theory and Usage-based accounts.

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Language Production and Interpretation: Linguistics meets Cognition

By Henk Zeevat

The importance of Henk Zeevat's new monograph cannot be overstated. [...] I recommend it to anyone who combines interests in language, logic, and computation [...]. David Beaver, University of Texas at Austin

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Title: The Complete American Language Reprints Series
Subtitle: First Edition, 2002
Edited By: ClaudioR.Salvucci
Series Title: American Language Reprints Series

By the end of 2003, the American Language Reprints (ALR) series will reach 40 volumes. The amount of primary source material still available ensures that the series will continue to grow each year, potentially reaching hundreds of volumes as the project progresses. Now, the entirety of this vital primary source data is available in one handy reference: The Complete American Language Reprints Series on CD-Rom. Updated annually, this invaluable resource will feature printable complete texts of all current ALR volumes in PDF format. This allows the ALR series to be considerably more flexible, affordable, and accessible to libraries and researchers in linguistics, Native American studies, and North American history.

The 2002 first edition of The Complete American Language Reprints Series on CD-Rom includes volumes 1 through 26 of the series, containing together over 7,500 unique Native American terms:

Vol. 1: A Vocabulary of Nanticoke
Vol. 2: A Vocabulary of Susquehannock
Vol. 3: A Vocabulary of the Unami Jargon
Vol. 4: A Vocabulary of Powhatan
Vol. 5: An Ancient New Jersey Indian Jargon
Vol. 6: A Vocabulary of Tuscarora
Vol. 7: A Vocabulary of Woccon
Vol. 8: A Dictionary of Powhatan
Vol. 9: A Vocabulary of Mohegan-Pequot
Vol. 10: A Vocabulary of New Jersey Delaware
Vol. 11: A Vocabulary of Stadaconan
Vol. 12: Denny’s Vocabulary of Delaware
Vol. 13: A Vocabulary of Roanoke
Vol. 14: Denny’s Vocabulary of Shawnee
Vol. 15: Cummings’ Vocabulary of Delaware
Vol. 16: Early Vocabularies of Mohawk
Vol. 17: Schoolcraft’s Vocabulary of Oneida
Vol. 18: Elliot’s Vocabulary of Cayuga
Vol. 19: Schoolcraft’s Vocabulary of Onondaga
Vol. 20: Elliot’s Vocabulary of Mohawk
Vol. 21: Cummings’ Vocabulary of Shawnee
Vol. 22: A Vocabulary of Seneca
Vol. 23: The Tutelo Language
Vol. 24: Handy’s Vocabulary of Miami
Vol. 25: Observations on the Mahican Language
Vol. 26: Minor Vocabularies of Tutelo and Saponi

To purchase the complete ALR series in book form through volume 26 requires an investment of over $700.00. At $260.00 -- $10 per volume -- The Complete American Language Reprint Series on CD-Rom represents a savings of nearly 65%. Furthermore, the versatile PDF format allows scholars to perform rapid text searches and to print out clean copies for personal use.

Each subsequent annual edition of The Complete American Language Reprints Series on CD-Rom will include all new volumes in the series published during the prior year in addition to all previously published volumes. Purchasers of a previous year's edition will be given a code to be submitted when ordering subsequent editions. Use of this code will ensure that repeat customers pay only for new material they receive.

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Publication Year: 2002
Publisher: Evolution Publishing
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Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics
Anthropological Linguistics
Subject Language(s): Cayuga
Delaware, Pidgin
Language Family(ies): Iroquoian
Central Algonquian
Eastern Algonquian
Northern Iroquoian
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Format: CD
ISBN: 1889758299
ISBN-13: N/A
Prices: $260