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Title: Tense and Aspect in Indo-Iranian Part 1: The Present and Aorist
Author(s): Eystein Dahl
Journal Title: Language and Linguistics Compass
Volume: 5
Issue: 5
Page Range: 265-281
Publication Date: May-2011
Abstract: The oldest attested Indo-Iranian languages, Vedic Sanskrit, Avestan and Old Persian, indicate that Proto-Indo-Iranian possessed a rich inflectional verbal system with a great variety of temporal and aspectual categories. This paper discusses the semantic properties of some of the inflectional forms belonging to two of the most central inflectional stems in the Indo-Iranian languages, the Present and Aorist which were associated with the neutral aspect and the perfective aspect, respectively. A comparison with other Indo-European languages, most notably Ancient Greek clearly shows that this morphosyntactic opposition was inherited from Proto-Indo-European.

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