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Title: The Semantics and Pragmatics of Hybrid Quotations
Author(s): Philippe De Brabanter
Journal Title: Language and Linguistics Compass
Volume: 4
Issue: 2
Page Range: 107 - 120
Publication Date: Feb-2010
Abstract: This study examines a type of quotation –'hybrid quotations'– that has received quite a bit of attention from philosophers, semanticists and pragmaticists over the last dozen years or so. Theoretical debates have centred on the question whether the contribution to content of such quotations is semantic in essence, or pragmatic. After presenting prototypical examples of 'mixed quotation' and 'scare quoting', the two subtypes of hybrid quotations usually distinguished by specialists, I outline the two main ways of approaching them – as semantic or pragmatic phenomena – and highlight their strengths and weaknesses. After that, I present several empirical facts that may help one to decide which sort of theory is more likely to prevail eventually. In the process, the reader can get acquainted with some of the remarkable variety that hybrid quotation offers.

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