Zhenwei Chen

Michael Zhenwei Chen

陈 震 纬


Hi, I am a programmer working for Linguist List since 2001. I grew up in Shanghai, the financial capital of China. I studied international finance and received my bachelor degree from Shanghai University in 1994. My previous job in Shanghai was a stock market analyst. Also I got my CPA in 1996. I came to America in 1998 and began my graduate study in Computer Information System. By the end of 2001, I finished my Master degree and joined the Linguist List group.

My works primarily focus on the EMELD project, which aims to develop common standard for digitizing linguistic data. I am developing CharWrite© and FIELD tool to help field linguist to preserve their langauge data. Right now FIELD tool is in its infant stage, mainly catering for Biao Min, a Hmong-Mien language, and Mocoví, a Guaicuruan language. As the time goes on, it will be enhanced. Of course, I need you, dear linguist, give me valuable suggestion and advice. Working for linguistic project from programming background presents a big challenge to me, but I am becoming interested in phonology, morphology......