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Hello! My name is Sarah Elizabeth Murray and I am a Masters student in linguistics at Wayne State University. I just graduated from Wayne (May '03) with a double major in linguistics and philosophy. My primary interests are morphosyntax, semantics, logic, and the philosophy of language. I decided to stay at Wayne for another year to complete my Master's in linguistics. (My thesis is a unified account of compounds of the form 'truckdriver' and of the form 'scarecrow'.) And, who could pass up an opportunity to work for LINGUIST for another year? But, in August I will be moving on...on to Rutgers and on to my PhD program.

I am the currently Jobs/Support Editor here at LINGUIST List, and I inherited the position of Managing Editor of the entire list! So, there is less of the coffee and euchre these days. Besides LINGUIST and school and thinking about my future, I am still taking pictures and developing them. Maybe I will put some of those here, later. (I have added a picture (see below), but I did not take it.)

I enjoy cooking; I often [much more often these days] think of dropping out of college and going to culinary school.

Oh! and I have a new favorite dessert: Hazelnut Craquant!


My mom and I...Can you believe it!?

Sarah is no longer a LINGUIST crew member. She has left LINGUIST to continue her studies to receive a PhD in Linguistics at Rutgers University

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