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Name: Phaedra  Royle (IPA: fejdʒra)
Institution: Université de Montréal
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Canada   
Linguistic Field(s): Morphology
Language Acquisition
Specialty: French SLI; Acquisition of French and Spanish; Verbs; Concord
Subject Language(s): French
Selected Publications: Kolne K, Gonnerman L, Royle, P, Marquis A, Rvachew S. (2016) Teachers’ predictions of children’s spelling ability: What are they based on and how good are they? Language Teaching, 18(1):71-98.

Royle P, Bergeron E, Marquis A. (2015). L’acquisition du genre quand il est déjà acquis : l’expérience d’enfants hispanophones apprenant le français. RCOA/CJSLPA, 39(3):238-259.

Courteau E, Steinhauer K, Royle P. (2015). L'acquisition du groupe nominal en français et de ses aspect morpho-syntaxiques et sémantiques : une étude de potentiels évoqués. Glossa, 17:77-93.

Rvachew S, Marquis A, Paul M, Brosseau-Lapré F, Gonnerman L, Royle P. (2013). Speech Articulation Performance of Francophone Children in the Early School Years: Norming of the Test Dépistage Francophone de Phonologie. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, 27(12):950-968.

Royle P, Drury JE, Steinhauer K. (2013). ERPs and Task Effects in the Auditory Processing of Gender Agreement and Semantics in French. Special issue on the Neural Correlates of Lexical Processing, The Mental Lexicon Journal, 8(2):216-244.

Cook G, Marquis A, Achim A, Dessureault É, Nguyen KD, Ooleepeeka Neill D, Royle P. (2013). AndroidBAT : Une ‘boîte à outils’ pour la collecte de données vocales, oculaires et tactiles chez les patients aphasiques bilingues ou plurilingues. Rééducation orthophonique, 51(253):98-120.

Stine I & Royle P. (2012) The French noun phrase in preschool children with SLI, morphosyntactic and error analyses. Journal of Child Language, 40(5):945-970

Royle P, Drury J, Bourguignon N & Steinhauer K. (2012) The Temporal Dynamics of Inflected Word Recognition: A Masked ERP Priming Study of French Verbs. Neurpsychologia.50(14):3542-3553

Royle, P, Beritognolo G, & Bergeron, E. (2012). Regularity, sub-regularity and irregularity in French acquisition. In J. van der Auwera, T. Stolz, A. Urdze & H. Otsuka (Eds.), Irregularity in Morphology (and Beyond) (pp. 227-250). Berlin: Akademie Verlag.

Royle, P. (2011) On the Existence of C/Ø Alternations in French Adjectives: Theoretical and Empirical Questions. Proceedings of the 17th ICPhS: 1730-1733.

Royle P & Valois D. (2010) Acquisition of adjectives in Quebec French as revealed by elicitation data. Journal of French Language Studies, 20(03):313-338.

Valois D, Royle P, Bourdua-Roy E & Sutton A. (2009) Étude transversale de l'ellipse du nom en français et le rôle des données de l’acquisition pour la théorie linguistique. Canadian Journal of Linguistics, 54(2):339-366.

Royle P, Richardon I, Boisvert S & Bourguignon N. (2009) Is Bigger Better? A comparison of dictionary and database sources in searches for compounds, collocations and fixed-expressions. Meta, Journal des traducteurs Translators Journal, 54(3):520-532

Valois D & Royle P. (2009) Partitivity, atomization, and N-Drop: a longitudinal study of French child language. Language Acquisition, 16(2):82-105.

Royle P, & Thordardottir E (2008) Elicitation of the perfect past in French pre-schoolers with and without SLI. Applied Psycholinguistics, 29(3): 241-265.

Royle P. (2007) Variable effects of morphology and frequency on inflection patterns of French preschoolers. The Mental Lexicon Journal 2(1): 103-125.

Royle P, Jarema G & Kehayia E. (2003) Verb Reading in Developmental Language Impairment. Brain and Language, 87: 311-322.
Courses Taught: Language Processing
Language Disorders
Introduction à la linguistique (Langage I & Langage II)
Compréhension et production du langage (Research on SLI)
Psycho- and neurolinguistic investigations of language processing
Neurocognition of language
Dissertation Abstract: Accès et représentation dans l'organisation du verbe chez le dysphasique francophone
Reviewer of: BUCLD 36 (LL Issue 24.55)
Textbooks/Syntax/Romance Lang: Gledhill (2003) (LL Issue 17.64)
Psycholinguistics: Chiat (2000) (LL Issue 12.1542)
Psycholinguistics: Field (2003) (LL Issue 14.2820)
The Layered DP (LL Issue 20.1851)
Processing Syntax and Morphology (LL Issue 22.29)
Review: Applied Linguistics: Caunt-Nulton, Kulatilake & Woo (2006) (LL Issue 19.750)
What is Morphology? (LL Issue 22.2649)
Cognitive Science: Banich & Mack, eds. (2003) (LL Issue 15.1506)
A History of Psycholinguistics (LL Issue 24.2506)
Psycholinguistics: Aitchison (2003) (LL Issue 14.1233)
Book review: McCauley, Assessment of Language Disorders in Childhood (LL Issue 12.1758)
Theoretical Linguistics: Anderson and Lightfoot (2002) (LL Issue 14.383)
Academic Paper Abstract: Elicitation of the passé composé in French preschoolers with and without specific language impairment
Acquisition of Adjectives in Quebec French as Revealed by Elicitation Data
Acquisition of adjectives in Quebec French as revealed by elicitation data
The Temporal Dynamics of Inflected Word Recognition: A masked ERP priming study of French verbs
The French Noun Phrase in Preschool Children with SLI: Morphosyntactic and error analyses
The French noun phrase in preschool children with SLI: morphosyntactic and error analyses

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