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Name: Timothy  Gupton (IPA: [ˈtʰɪ.mə.θi.gəp.tṇ])
Institution: University of Georgia
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: GA
Linguistic Field(s): Syntax
Specialty: the preverbal field, clitics
Subject Language(s): Galician
Language Family(ies): West Iberian
Selected Publications: Book
Gupton, T. 2014. The syntax-information structure interface: clausal word order and the left periphery in Galician. Berlin/Boston: DeGruyter Mouton. Submitted April 29.

1. Gupton, T. and Sarah Lowman. 2013. “An F projection in Cibeño Dominican Spanish”. To appear in Aaron, Jesse, Jennifer Cabrelli Amaro, Gillian Lord and Ana de Prada Pérez (eds.). Selected Proceedings of the 16th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium. Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Proceedings Project.

2. Gupton, T. 2013. Preverbal Subjects in Galician: Experimental Data in the A vs. A’ Debate. to appear in Probus.

3. Gupton, T. & Tania Leal Méndez. 2013. “Experimental Methodologies: Two Case Studies Investigating the Syntax-Discourse Interface”. Studies in Hispanic & Lusophone Linguistics 6(1). 139-164.

4. Gupton, T. 2012. “Object Clitics in Galician and Complications for Clausal Analyses. In Geeslin, Kimberly and Manuel Díaz-Campos (eds.), Selected Proceedings of the 14th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium, 272-284. Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Proceedings Project.

5. Gupton, T. 2004. “Estructuras auxiliaries en contacto: tener + el acuerdo (in)variable del participio en el español de Asturias Occidental”. Studia Romanica Posnaniensia 31, 287-294.
Announced on LINGUIST :  The Syntax-Information Structure Interface
Courses Taught: Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
Advanced Spanish Grammar
Spanish Syntax
Generative Second Language Acquisition
Language: Issues & Myths
The Languages of Spain
Dissertation Abstract: The Syntax-Information Structure Interface: Subjects and clausal word order in Galician
Dissertation Director * of: The history of the future: morphophonology, syntax, and grammaticalization
(Lewis Howe, Author)
Reviewer of: Infinitivo y sujeto en portugués y español [Infinitive and Subject in Portuguese and Spanish] (LL Issue 25.725)
The Syntax of Topic, Focus, and Contrast (LL Issue 24.2602)
Academic Paper Abstract: Object Clitics in Galician and Complications for Clausal Analyses
Experimental Methodologies: Two case studies investigating the syntax-discourse interface

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