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Personal Directory Information

Name: Antonio  Lillo
Institution: Universidad de Alicante
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Spain   
Linguistic Field(s): Phonetics
Subject Language(s): English
Selected Publications: Lillo, A. 1995. Aspectos lingüísticos de la rima en el argot inglés. Alicante: Universidad de Alicante.

Lillo, A. 1995. 'La rima en los préstamos del argot inglés contemporáneo'. Estudios Ingleses de la Universidad Complutense 3: 173-185.

Lillo, A. 1996. 'Drinking and Drug Addiction Terms in Rhyming Slang'. Comments on Etymology 25, 6: 1-23.

Lillo, A. 1996. 'Notas sobre la expansión geográfica y social del argot rimado en inglés'. Letras de Deusto 70, 26: 231-238.

Lillo, A. 1997. 'More on sausage and mash 'cash'. Comments on Etymology 26, 8: 5-6. Repr. in Gerald L. Cohen & Barry Popik (eds.) 1999, Studies in Slang, Part VI. Frankfurt on Main: Peter Lang, 87-89.

Rodríguez, F. & A. Lillo. 1997. Nuevo diccionario de anglicismos. Madrid: Gredos.

Lillo, A. 1998. 'Origin of Cockney Slang 'Dicky Dirt'. Comments on Etymology, 27, 8: 16-20.

Lillo, A. 1999. 'El inglés del Estuario y las innovaciones fonéticas del habla londinense'. Atlantis, 21: 59-77. Repr. in J.C. Wells (ed.), UCL Phonetics and Linguistics: Web Documents Relating to Estuary English. .

Lillo, A. 2000. 'Bees, Nelsons, and Sterling Denominations: A Brief Look at Cockney Slang and Coinage'. Journal of English Linguistics 28, 2: 145-172.

Lillo. A. 2000. 'On the Etymology of Australian Slang she’s apples 'everything’s O.K.'. Leuvense Bijdragen: Leuven Contributions in Linguistics and Philology 88, 3-4: 477-482.

Lillo, A. 2001. 'Apuntes de lexicografía bilingüe: en torno al Diccionario de falsos amigos. Inglés-español de Marcial Prado'. Lebende Sprachen XLVI, 3: 129-132.

Lillo, A. 2001. 'From Alsatian Dog to Wooden Shoe: Linguistic Xenophobia in Rhyming Slang'. English Studies 82, 4: 336-348.

Lillo, A. 2001. 'The Rhyming Slang of the Junkie'. English Today 17, 2: 39-45.

Díaz, I. & A. Lillo. 2002. 'Betty Boop's Ready!: Some Aspects of South African Rhyming Slang'. English Today 18, 2: 21-27.

Campos, M.A., A. Lillo & V.M. Pina. 2002. Grammar in Gobbets: A Guide to English Grammar and Usage. Alicante: Agua Clara.

Lillo, A. 2004. 'A Wee Keek at Scottish Rhyming Slang'. Scottish Language 23: 93-115.

Lillo, A. 2004. 'Exploring Rhyming Slang in Ireland'. English World-Wide 25, 2: 273-285.

Lillo, A. 2005. 'Celebrating Slang and Unconventional English, Once Again: An Interview with Terry Victor'. Revista Alicantina de Estudios Ingleses 18: 293-304.

Lillo, A. 2006. 'Cut-down Puns'. English Today 22, 1: 36-44.

Lillo, A. 2006. 'La traducción del argot rimado inglés'. In Mª I. González Cruz (ed.), Lengua, sociedad y cultura: estudios interdisciplinares. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: 179-206.

Lillo, A. 2007. 'Turning Puns into Names and Vice Versa'. SKY Journal of Linguistics (Journal of the Linguistic Association of Finland) 20: 429-440.

Lillo, A. 2008. 'Covert Puns as a Source of Slang Words in English'. English Studies 89, 3: 319-338.

Lillo, A. 2008. 'Knock-Knock Words: A Foray into an Oddity of Word-Making'. English Today 24, 3: 48-57.

Lillo, A. 2009. Transcribing English: The Nuts and Bolts of Phonemic Transcription. Granada: Comares.

Gold, D.L. 2009. Studies in Etymology and Etiology (With Emphasis on Germanic, Jewish, Romance, and Slavic Languages). Selected and edited, with a foreword, by F. Rodríguez González & A. Lillo Buades. Alicante: Publicaciones de la Universidad de Alicante.
Courses Taught: Word-Formation in English Slang
English Lexicology
English Phonetics and Phonology
Academic Paper Abstract: Cut-down puns
Turning Puns into Names and Vice Versa
Covert Puns as a Source of Slang Words in English
Knock-Knock Words
Did Dublin's Ben Lang Ever Die?: On the revival of rhyming slang in modern Dublinese

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