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Name: Ahmad  R.  Lotfi
Institution: Islamic Azad University, Khorasgan
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Iran   
Linguistic Field(s): Syntax
Cognitive Science
Selected Publications: _In press. “When stones falls”: A conceptual-functional account of subject-verb agreement in Persian. Language Sciences.

_(2006). Agreement in Persian. Linguistik Online 9.

_(2006). Feature Sharing v. Feature Checking: An Analysis of Persian Pre- and Post-verbal CPs. California Linguistic Notes. Vol.XXX1 No.1

_(2003). Persian Wh-riddles. In Multiple Wh-Fronting,
C. Boeckx and K. K. Grohmann (eds), 161-186. Amsterdam/
Philadelphia, John Benjamins Publishing Company.

_(2003). Intonation contours, yes/no questions, and Minimalist syntax: A unitarianist perspective. Cognitive Science 1:70-83.

_(2002). Minimalist program revisited: Chomsky’s strength to trigger movement. In Proceedings of the 34th Linguistics Colloquium
(Germersheim 1999), R. Rapp (ed), 131-140. Frankfurt am Main, Peter Lang.

_(2002). Dances with the Quantifiers. Journal of Language and Linguistics 1.

_(2001). Persian ‘bayad’: A violation of the extended projection principle? California Linguistic Notes 1.

_(2001). Iconicity: A Generative Perspective. Working Papers in Linguistic Iconicity.

Lotfi, A. R. and A. Ameri Golastan. (2002). Wh-extraction from claim-type constructions in Persian-speaking L2 learners’ English
interlanguage. Danesh va Pezhouhesh 10: 13-22.

Lotfi Khajooi, M. and A. R. Lotfi. (2004). Teaching vocabulary to Iranian students of English: The application of Rosch’s Prototypicality Model in vocabulary learning. Danesh va Pezhouhesh.

Lotfi, A. R. and N. Saei-pour. (2001). Access to X-bar theory: A Study of (L1=Persian) English interlanguage.Danesh va
Pezhouhesh 7: 13-24.

Lotfi, A. R. and M. Shahrokhi. 2005. Interlanguage subjectivity. Journal of Language and Linguistics. Vol. 4 No. 2.

Sharifian, F. and A. R. Lotfi. (2003). Rices and waters: The mass/Count distinction in Modern Persian. Anthropological Linguistics
45(2): 226-244.

Lotfi, A. R. and N. Vaziri Tehrani. (2002). Thinking-for-speaking effects in English (L1=Persian) interlanguage. Danesh va Pezhouhesh 13, 14: 31-41.
Courses Taught: Syntactic Argumentation (PhD)
Issues in Linguistics (MA)
Discourse Analysis (PhD, MA)
General Linguistics (BA)
Phonology (BA)
Reviewer of: General Linguistics: O'Grady, Archibald, Aronoff & Rees-Miller, eds. (2001) (LL Issue 12.2273)
Syntax: Schweikert (2005) (LL Issue 17.646)
Syntax/Language Acquisition: van Hout et al (2003) (LL Issue 15.646)
Grammar as Science (LL Issue 21.2981)
Syntax/Semantics: Di Sciullo, ed. (2003) (LL Issue 14.2481)
Syntax: Martin, Michaels & Urigereka, eds. (2000) (LL Issue 12.974)
Syntax: Brody (2004) (LL Issue 16.1456)
Linguistic Theories: Bybee & Hopper, eds. (2001) (LL Issue 13.2116)
Syntax: Uriagereka (1998) (LL Issue 10.926)
The Grammar-Pragmatics Interface (LL Issue 19.1502)
General Linguistics: Darnell, Moravcsik, Newmeyer, Noonan & Wheatley, eds. (1998) (LL Issue 11.3)
The Blackwell Companion to Syntax (Volumes I-V) (LL Issue 17.3167)
Review of Gass and Mackey's book (LL Issue 11.1414)
Syntax/Computational Linguistics: Kruijff & Oehrle, eds. (2003) (LL Issue 15.2326)
Academic Paper Abstract: Agreement in Persian

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