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Personal Directory Information

Name: Marian  Klamer
Institution: Universiteit Leiden
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Netherlands   
Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
Language Documentation
Anthropological Linguistics
Specialty: Description and documentation of minority languages of Eastern Indonesia (Austronesian or Papuan)
Subject Language(s): Dutch
Language Family(ies): West Papuan
Selected Publications: Monographs:

2010 A grammar of Teiwa (Papuan) Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter
1998 A grammar of Kambera (Austronesian), Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter

Edited volumes:

2010 East Nusantara: Typological and areal analysis (co-edited with Michael Ewing)
2001 Yearbook of Morphology 2000 (guest editor). Amsterdam, Kluwer.
2000 Proceedings of the 7th conference of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association [AFLA7]. Amsterdam: Vrije Universiteit.
Selected articles:
2010 (with F Kratochvil) Abui Tripartite Verbs: Exploring the limits of compositionality. Rara and Rarissima: Documenting the fringes of linguistic diversity, edited by Jan Wohlgemuth and Michael Cysouw. Berlin New York: Mouton de Gruyter, 185-210 (2010).
2010 Ditransitives in Teiwa. Studies in Ditransitive Constructions, edited by Andrej Malchukov, Martin Haspelmath and Bernard Comrie. Berlin/New York: Mouton.
2009 The Use of Language Data in Comparative Research: A Note on Blust (2008) and Onvlee (1984). Oceanic Linguistics 48, 1: 250-263.
2008 The semantics of Semantic Alignment in eastern Indonesia. In The typology of active-stative languages, edited by Mark Donohue and Søren Wichmann. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 221-251.
2008 Differential marking of intransitive subjects in Kambera. In Differential subject marking, edited by Helen de Hoop and Peter de Swart. Dordrecht/Boston/New York: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 281-299.
2008 Eastern Indonesia as a linguistic area. In From linguistic areas to areal linguistics, edited by Pieter Muysken. Amsterdam: Benjamins. Co-authors: Ger Reesink and Miriam van Staden, 95-149.
200 Kambera. In The Austronesian languages of Asia and Madagascar, edited by K. Alexander Adelaar and Nikolaus P. Himmelmann. London: Routledge, 709-734.
2004 Multi-categorial items as underspecified lexical entries: The case of Kambera wàngu. In: Up and Down the cline: The Nature of Grammaticalization, edited by Olga Fisher, Muriel Norde and Harry Perridon. Amsterdam: Benjamins, 299-323.
2004 East Nusantara: Genetic, areal and typological approaches. Oceanic Linguistics 43, 1, 240-244.
2000 How report verbs become quote markers and complementisers. Lingua 110: 69-98.
2002 Typical features of Austronesian languages in Central/Eastern Indonesia’, Oceanic Linguistics 41, 2: 363-383.
2002 Ten years of synchronic Austronesian linguistics (1991-2001). Lingua 112, 2: 933-965.
2002 Semantically motivated lexical patterns: a study of Dutch and Kambera expressives. Language 78, 2: 258-286.
Announced on LINGUIST :  A Grammar of Kambera
 A Grammar of Teiwa
 A Short Grammar of Alorese (Austronesian)
 The Alor-Pantar languages
Reviewed on LINGUIST :  A Grammar of Teiwa
Courses Taught: Field Methods
Articulatory Phonetics
Contact linguistics
Reviewer of: Language Description: Donohue (1999) (LL Issue 10.1439)

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