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Name: Jeffrey  L.  Lidz
Institution: Northwestern University
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: USA   
Linguistic Field(s): Language Documentation
Specialty: Acquisition; Morphosyntax; Dravidian languages; Anaphora
Language Family(ies): Dravidian
Selected Publications: ''Morphological Reflexive-Marking: Evidence from Kannada,'' Linguistic Inquiry 1995.
''When is a Reflexive not a Reflexive? Near-Reflexivity and Condition R,'' proceedings of NELS 27.
''On the Non-existence of Reflexive Clitics,'' proceedings of CLS 31.
Courses Taught: Introduction to Linguistics
Introduction to Cognitive Science
Syntax I
Dissertation Abstract: Dimensions of Reflexivity
Dissertation Director * of: How we learn to talk about events: Linguistic and conceptual constraints on verb learning
(Ann Bunger, Author)
Dissertation Director * of: Necessary Bias in Natural Language Learning
(Lisa Pearl, Author)
Dissertation Director * of: Learning About the Structure of Scales: Adverbial modification and the acquisition of the semantics of gradable adjectives
(Kristen Syrett, Author)
Dissertation Director * of: Possession and Spatial Motion in the Acquisition of Ditransitives
(Joshua Viau, Author)
Academic Paper Abstract: Rosalind Thornton and Kenneth Wexler, Principle B, VP ellipsis and interpretation in child grammar (Current Studies in Linguistics 31). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1999. Pp. x+241.

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