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Personal Directory Information

Name: Peter  N.  Lasersohn (IPA: ˈlæs.ɹ.ˌsõn)
Institution: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: IL
Linguistic Field(s): Philosophy of Language
Selected Publications: Subjectivity and Perspective in Truth-Theoretic Semantics, Oxford University Press (2017)
Contextualism and Compositionality, Linguistics and Philosophy 35.2.171-189 (2012)

Context, Relevant Parts and (Lack of) Disagreement over Taste, Philosophical Studies 156.3.433–439 (2011)

Relative Truth, Speaker Commitment, and Control of Implicit Arguments, Synthese 166.359–374 (2009)

Compositional Interpretation in which the Meanings of Complex Expressions are not Computable from the Meanings of their Parts, in Theory and Evidence in Semantics, ed. by Erhard Hinrichs and John Nerbonne, CSLI Publications, 133–158 (2009)

Quantification and Perspective in Relativist Semantics, Philosophical Perspectives 22.305–337 (2008)

Expressives, Perspective and Presupposition, Theoretical Linguistics 33.223–230 (2007)

Event-Based Semantics, Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics, 2nd edition, ed. by K. Brown, Elsevier, vol. 4, 316–320 (2006)

Plurality, Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics, 2nd edition, ed. by K. Brown, Elsevier, vol. 9, 642–645 (2006)

Context Dependence, Disagreement, and Predicates of Personal Taste, Linguistics and Philosophy 28.643–686 (2005)

The Temperature Paradox as Evidence for a Presuppositional Analysis of Definite Descriptions, Linguistic Inquiry 36.127–134 (2005)

Same, Models and Representation, Proceedings from SALT X, 83-97 (2000)

Pragmatic Halos, Language 75.3.522-551 (1999)

Generalized Distributivity Operators, Linguistics & Philosophy 21.1.83-93 (1998)

Bare Plurals and Donkey Anaphora, Natural Language Semantics 5.1.79-86 (1997)

Adnominal Conditionals, Proceedings from SALT VI, 154-166 (1996)

Plurality, Conjunction and Events, Kluwer Academic Publishers (1995)

Sounds Like Like, Linguistic Analysis 25.1-2.70-77 (1995)

Existence Presuppositions and Background Knowledge, Journal of Semantics 10.2.113-122 (1993)

Lexical Distributivity and Implicit Arguments, Proceedings from SALT III, 145-161 (1993)

Generalized Conjunction and Temporal Modification, Linguistics & Philosophy 15.4.381-410 (1992)

Group Action and Spatio-Temporal Proximity, Linguistics & Philosophy 13.2.179-206 (1990)

A Semantics for Groups and Events, Garland Publishing (1990)

On the Readings of Plural Noun Phrases, Linguistic Inquiry 20.1.130-134 (1989)
Courses Taught: Introduction to semantics, Introduction to mathematical linguistics, Seminars on various semantic topics (plurality, anaphora, event- and situation-based semantic theories, focus, specificity, indefiniteness, etc.)
Dissertation Director * of: Stativity, Genericity and Temporal Reference
(E Katz, Author)
Dissertation Director * of: Grammatical Effects of Topic and Focus Information
(Jung-Min Jo, Author)
Dissertation Director * of: An Event Restriction Interval Theory of Tense
(Brandon Beamer, Author)
Academic Paper Abstract: Quantification and Perspective in Relativist Semantics
Non-World Indices and Assessment-Sensitivity

* This information has been submitted by the dissertation author.

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