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Name: Eric  J.  Reuland
Institution: Universiteit Utrecht
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Netherlands   
Linguistic Field(s): Syntax
Cognitive Science
Specialty: Theoretical linguistics, Anaphora
Selected Publications: Avrutin, Sergey and Eric Reuland. Backward anaphora and tense interpretation. In: L. Verbitskaya, K. Dolinin and T. Tchernigovskaya (eds.) Teoreticheskie Problemy Jazykoznanija, St. Petersburg University publishing, St. Petersburg, Russia, 213-223
Reuland, Eric and Sergey Avrutin. Binding and Beyond: Issues in Backward Anaphora. In Antonio Branco et al., ed. Anaphora Processing: Linguistic, cognitive and computational modelling. Amsterdam: Benjamins
Reuland, Eric. 2003. State-of-the-article. Anaphoric dependencies: A window into the architecture of the language system. GLOT International 7.1/2, 2-25
Reuland, Eric. 2003. What do you move to what end? An exercise in anti-symmetry. In: Germania et Alia: A Webschrift for Hans den Besten. ed. J. Koster and H. van Riemsdijk.
Reuland, Eric. 2002. Binding theory. In: Nadel, L. (ed.) Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science Vol 1, London: Nature Publishing Group, 382-390
Reuland, Eric. 2001. Revolution, Discovery, and an Elementary Principle of Logic. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 18.4, 843-848
Reuland, Eric. 2001. Primitives of Binding. Linguistic Inquiry 32.3, 439-492
Reuland, Eric. 2001. Confusion Compounded. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 19.4, 879-885
Announced on LINGUIST :  Knowledge and Language - Volume 1: From Orwell's Problem to Plato's Problem
 Arguments and Case
 Argument Structure
 Anaphora and Language Design
Reviewed on LINGUIST :  Argument Structure
 Anaphora and Language Design
Dissertation Director * of: Mood at the Interface
(Josep Quer, Author)
Dissertation Director * of: Cipient Predication: Unifying double object, dative experiencer and existential/presentational constructions
(Patrick Brandt, Author)
Dissertation Director * of: The Arabic Noun Phrase: A Minimalist approach
(Joost Kremers, Author)
Dissertation Director * of: Grammar and Information Structure: A study with reference to Russian
(Natalia Slioussar, Author)

* This information has been submitted by the dissertation author.

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