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Name: Gerardo  Augusto  Lorenzino
Institution: Temple University
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: PA
Linguistic Field(s): Sociolinguistics
Ling & Literature
Specialty: Spanish/Portuguese Dialectology, Languages in Contact
Subject Language(s): Portuguese
Selected Publications: Books

2001:The Morphosyntax of Spanish-lexified creoles. Munich: Lincom Europa (Pidgins and Creole Series)
1999:The Angolar Creole Portuguese of São Tomé (West Africa): its grammar and sociolinguistic history. Munich: Lincom Europa (Pidgins and Creoles Series).
Reviewed in Journal of Pidgin and Creole Linguistics, 2004, vol. 19: 383-388.

Edited books:

2007:Selected Proceedings of the Third Workshop in Spanish Sociolinguistics. Somerville: Cascadilla Press; with Jonathan Holmquist and Lotfi Sayahi.
1998:América Negra: panorámica actual de los estudios lingüísticos sobre variedades hispanas, portuguesas y criollas. Frankfurt am Main: Vervuert/Madrid:
Iberoamericana; with Matthias Perl and Armin Schwegler.

Most recent research articles:

2013: “Immigrants’ languages, lunfardo and lexical diffusion in popular porteño Spanish”. Papia 23: 25-49.
2011: “El contacto español-quechua en la novela de formación Shunko”. Revista Philologica Romanica 11: 187-205.
2008: “African vs. Austronesian Substrate Influence on the Spanish-based Creoles”. In John Holm & Susanne Michaelis (eds.), Contact Languages: Critical Concepts in Language Studies, volume IV. New York: Routledge, pp. 309-408.
2007:'Angolar Creole Portuguese or Lingua Ngolá.' In John Holm and Peter Patrick (eds.) Comparative Creole Syntax (Westminster Creolistics Series, 7). London: Battlebridge Publications, pp. 1-24.
2006: 'Linguistic, historical and ethnographic evidence on the formation of the Angolares: a maroon descendant community in São Tomé (West Africa). Portuguese Studies Review 14 (2): 1-34.
2004:'Language and Identity: The Case of Quechua-Speaking Santiagueños.” In Leonard Ashley and Wayne Finke (ed.), Language and Identity. NY: Cummings and Hathaway, pp. . 335-344.
2003:'Bilingüismo y migración urbana: el quechua santiagueño.” In Lotfi Sayahi (ed.), Selected Proceedings of the First Workshop on Spanish Sociolinguistics. Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Press, pp. 53-60.
2001a:'The mixed origins of Santiagueño Quechua syntax.' University of Kansas Papers in Linguistics 25:111-120.
2001b: 'Relaciones gramaticales de un elemento referencial en criollos afro-portugueses.' Etnolingüística (Rosario, Argentina), pp. 231-241.
2000a.: 'El rol de la gramaticalización en la formación de nuevas lenguas (criollización).' In Annick Englebert, MichelPierrard, Laurence Rosier and Dan van Raemdonck (eds.) Contacts interlinguistiques, vol. IX. Brussels: Max Niemeyer Verlag, pp. 163-170.
2000b:'Different degrees of restructuring in two vernaculars: Caribbean Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.' With John Holm and Heliana Mello. In Ernesto d'Andrade, Dulce Pereira and Maria Antónia Mota (eds.). Crioulos de Base Portuguesa. Braga: Associação Portuguesa de Linguística, pp. 201-222.
2000c: 'The creole verb: a comparative study of stativity and tense reference.' With John Holm et al. In John McWhorter (ed.), Language change and language contact in pidgins and creoles. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 131-161.
Announced on LINGUIST :  The Angolar Creole; Portuguese of São Tomé: Its Grammar and Sociolinguistic History
Courses Taught: “Spanish and Portuguese in Contact with Other Languages”
“Hispanic Dialectology”
“Spanish Syntax”
“Pidgins and Creoles”
“Spanish Second Language Acquisition”
“Foreign Language Teaching Methodologies”
“History of the Spanish Language”
“Spanish Phonetics”
“Introduction to Spanish Linguistics”
“Special Topics in Portuguese: Portuguese Dialectology”
Dissertation Abstract: The Angolar Creole Portuguese of São Tomé: Its Grammar and Sociolinguistic History

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