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Personal Directory Information

Name: Mitchell  Shepherd  Green
Institution: University of Virginia
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: VI
Linguistic Field(s): Philosophy of Language
Cognitive Science
Selected Publications: _Self-Expression_, Oxford University Press (2007).

_Moore's Paradox_, Oxford University Press (2006).

'Direct Reference, Empty Names, and Implicature,' Canadian Journal of Philosophy.

‘Expression, Indication and Showing What’s Within,’ Philosophical Studies.

'Moorean Absurdity and Showing What's Within,' in Moore's Paradox.

'Intention and Authenticity in Facial Expressions of Pain', in Behavioral and Brain Sciences 24 (2003): 460-1.

'Grice's Frown: On Meaning and Expression', in G. Meggle and C. Plunze (eds.) Saying, Meaning, Implicating (University of Leipzig Press, 2003): 100-119.

'The Inferential Significance of Frege's Assertion Sign,' Facta Philosophica Vol. 4, No. 2 (2002): 201-229.

'The Status of Supposition,' Nous Vol. 34 (2000): 376-399.

'Illocutionary Force and Semantic Content,' Linguistics and Philosophy Vol. 23 (2000): 435-473.

'Moore's Many Paradoxes,' Philosophical Papers Vol. 28 (1999): 97-109.

'On the Autonomy of Linguistic Meaning,' Mind Vol. 106 (April, 1997), pp. 217-244.

'Direct Reference and Implicature,' Philosophical Studies Vol. 91 (July, 1998), pp. 61-90.

'Illocutions, Implicata, and What a Conversation Requires,' Pragmatics and Cognition Vol. 7 (1999), pp. 65-91.

'Indeterminism and the Thin Red Line,' (with N. Belnap) in Philosophical Perspectives 8: Logic and Language (1994), pp. 365-388. Reprinted in Facing the Future (Oxford University Press, 2001).

'Quantity, Volubility, and Some Varieties of Discourse,' Linguistics and Philosophy, vol. 18 (1995), pp. 83-112.

'Attitude Ascription's Affinity to Measurement', International Journal of Philosophical Studies, vol. 7 (1999), pp. 323-348.

Courses Taught: Philosophy of Language
Frege & Russell
Sense & Reference
Expression & Meaning

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