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Name: Ferit  Kilickaya
Institution: Mehmet Akif Ersoy University
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Turkey   
Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
Language Acquisition
Specialty: Computer Assisted Language Learning / Language Testing
Subject Language(s): English
Language Family(ies): English
Selected Publications: Kilickaya, F. (2016). Washback effects of a high-stakes exam on lower secondary school English teachers’ practices in the classroom. Lublin Studies in Modern Languages and Literature, 40(1), 116-134.

Kilickaya, F., & Krajka, J. (2015). Ethical issues of ICT use by teacher trainers: Use of e-books in academic settings. Ankara University, Journal of Faculty of Educational Sciences, 48(2), 83-102. DOI: 10.1501/Egifak_0000001365

Kiliçkaya, F. (2015). Computer-based grammar instruction in an EFL context: improving the effectiveness of teaching adverbial clauses. Computer Assisted Language Learning, 28(4), 325-340.

Kılıçkaya, F. (2015). Just the Word: Choosing the right word in English. The AATSEEL Newsletter, 58(4), 8-9.

Kılıçkaya, F. (2015, October). AntConc: Freeware corpus analysis software for language teachers. The AATSEEL Newsletter, 58(3), 16-17.

Kılıçkaya, F. (2015, May). Cram: Creating Vocabulary Flashcards. The AATSEEL Newsletter, 58(2), 9-10.

Kılıçkaya, F. (2015, February). Socrative: Student Response System for Language Teachers. The AATSEEL Newsletter, 58(1), 11-12.

Kılıçkaya, F. (2014, December). EduCanon: A Tool for Flipped Language Classrooms. The AATSEEL Newsletter, 57(4), 9-11.

Kiliçkaya, F. (2014, December). Websites/Tools for CALL Practitioners, Language Teachers, and Students. APACALL Newsletter, 18, 7-10.

Kılıçkaya, F. (2014, October). Anki: Creating Flashcards to Study Foreign Languages. The AATSEEL Newsletter, 57(3), 12-14.

Kılıçkaya,F. (2014, May). GoldenDict: A dictionary lookup program for language learners. The AATSEEL Newsletter, 57(2), 13-15.

Kılıçkaya, F., Krajka, J., & Latoch-Zielinska. (2014). E-learning in foreign language instruction in Turkey: Curriculum models and course design guidelines. Usak University Journal of Social Sciences, 7(3), 165-185.

Kılıçkaya, F., & Seferoğlu, G. (2013). The impact of CALL instruction on English language teachers’ use of technology in language teaching. Journal of Second and Multiple Language Acquisition, 1(1), 20-38.

Kılıçkaya, F., & Krajka, J. (2013). A review of language teacher selection examination and recruitment in Turkey and Poland. International Journal of Research Studies in Language Learning. doi:10.5861/ijrsll.2013.212

Kılıçkaya, F., & Krajka, J. (2012). Can the use of web-based comic strip creation tool facilitate EFL learners’ grammar and sentence writing? British Journal of Educational Technology, 43(6), E161-E165.

Kılıçkaya, F., & Krajka, J. (2010). Language teachers' views and suggestions on the central teacher selection and recruitment exam in Turkey. The New Educational Review, 22(3-4), 253-260.

Kılıçkaya, F., & Krajka, J. (2010). Comparative usefulness of online and traditional vocabulary learning. Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology, 9(2), 55-63. (Also available at ERIC)

Kılıçkaya, F., & Krajka, J. (2010). Teachers' technology use in vocabulary teaching. Academic Exchange Quarterly, 14(1), 81-86.
Courses Taught: Language Testing
Audio-visual aids in ELT
Approaches to ELT
School Experience I
Contexual English Grammar
English Composition
Teaching Language Skills
Literature and Language Teaching
Materials Evaluation and Adaptation
Reviewer of: Contemporary Computer-Assisted Language Learning (LL Issue 25.940)
Social Networking for Language Education (LL Issue 25.4901)
Input, Interaction, and Corrective Feedback in L2 Learning (LL Issue 24.966)
Research Methods for Applied Language Studies (LL Issue 23.3069)

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