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Name: Vanja  Kljajevic
Institution: Instituto gerontologico Matia
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Spain   
Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science
Specialty: Processing complex syntax in aphasia
Selected Publications: Kljajevic, V. & Murasugi, K. (2010). The role of morphology in the comprehension of wh-dependencies in Croatian aphasic speakers. Aphasiology, 24, 1354-1376.

Kljajevic, V. (2010). Is Syntactic Working Memory Language-Specific? Psihologija 43(1), 71-87.

Kljajevic, V. (2010). Comprehension of Embedded Questions in Aphasia: Syntactic or Working Memory Problem? Current Topics in Neurology, Psychiatry and Borderline Disciplines, 18(2), 2-10.

Kljajevic, V. (2010). Syntactic deficit in autism: Can interactive systems help? Current Topics in Neurology, Psychiatry and Borderline Disciplines, 18(2), 38-45.

Kljajevic, V. (2009). fMRI in language recovery after stroke. Acta Facultatis Medicae Naissensis, 26(4), 217-223.

Kljajevic, V. (2009). Am I Who I Think I Am: The Self in Virtual Reality. Proceedings of the Virtual Reality International Conference 2009, 309-316.

Kljajevic, V. (2009). Acute and Chronic Aphasia: Implications for Neuroplasticity. Serbian Journal of Experimental and Clinical Research 10(4), 145-146.

Kljajevic, V. (2009). Skipping the Lexicon? From Syntax to Conceptual Knowledge. Godišnjak za psihologiju, 6(8), 7-22.

Kljajevic, V. (2009) Some Inconsistencies in Definition and Classification of Aphasia. Current Topics in Neurology, Psychiatry and Borderline Disciplines, 17(3-4), 25-30.

Kljajevic, V. (2008). Computational Cognitive Models as Usability Testing Tools. In: Handbook of Research on User Interface Design and Evaluation for Mobile Technology. Edited by Jo Lumsden. Idea Group (pp. 814-829).

Kljajevic, V. (2008). An Integrative Approach to User Interface Design. In: Encyclopedia of Information Communication Technology. Edited by Antonio Cartelli & Marco Palma. Information Science Reference, (pp. 457-463)

Review of: Uttal, W.R. (2001). The New Phrenology. The Limits of Localizing Cognitive Processes in the Brain. The MIT Press. MentalHelp

Review of: Kertesz, A. (2004). Cognitive Semantics and Scientific Knowledge. Case studies in the cognitive science of science. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. LinguistList

Review of: Yuasa, E. (2005). Modularity in Language. Constructional and Categorial Mismatch in Syntax and Semantics. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. Cognitive Linguistics
Announced on LINGUIST :  Comprehension of Wh-Dependencies in Broca’s Aphasia
Courses Taught: Current trends in research on language in the brain
Neuropsychology of language
Language-memory interface.

In addition, TA rotations at three departments at Carleton University, Ottawa: Dept. of Linguistics, Dept. of Psychology, and Dept. of Philosophy.
Reviewer of: Philosophy of Lang/Cognitive Science: Kertész (2004) (LL Issue 16.3073)
Of Minds and Language (LL Issue 23.3675)

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