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Personal Directory Information

Name: James  Kirby
Institution: University of Edinburgh
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: United Kingdom   
Linguistic Field(s): Phonetics
Specialty: Phonetics, phonology, tone and phonation, language and music, Southeast Asian languages
Subject Language(s): German
Khmer, Central
Chinese, Yue
Selected Publications: 2015a. Stop voicing and F0 perturbations; evidence from French and Italian (with D. Robert Ladd). Proceedings of the Eighteenth International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Glasgow.

2015b.Temporal and spectral properties of Madurese stops (with Misnadin and Bert Remjisen). Proceedings of the Eighteenth International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Glasgow.

2015c. Re-assessing tonal diversity and geographical convergence in Mainland Southeast Asia (wth Marc Brunelle). In N. J. Enfield and B. Comrie (ed.), Languages of Mainland Southeast Asia: The State of the Art (pp. 82-110). Mouton de Gruyter.

2014a. Acoustic transitions in Khmer word-initial clusters. In Proceedings of the 10th International Seminar on Speech Production, 234-237.

2014b. Incipient tonogenesis in Phnom Penh Khmer: Acoustic and perceptual studies. Journal of Phonetics 43, 69-85.

2014c. Incipient tonogenesis in Phnom Penh Khmer: Computational studies. Laboratory Phonology 5(1), 195-230.

2014d. Assessing incomplete neutralization of final devoicing in German (with Timo Röttger, Bodo Winter, Sven Grawunder, and Martine Grice). Journal of Phonetics 43, 11-25.

2013a. The role of probabilistic enhancement in phonologization. In Alan Yu (ed.), Origins of sound change: approaches to phonologization (pp. 228-246). Oxford University Press.

2013b. A model of population dynamics in phonetic change (with M. Sonderegger). In Proceedings of the 35th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, 776-781.
2011a. Modeling the acquisition of covert contrast. In W.-S. Lee and E. Zee (eds), Proc. ICPhS XVII, 1090-1093.

2011b. Vietnamese (Hanoi Vietnamese). Journal of the International Phonetic Association 41(3), 381-392.

2010a. Dialect experience in Vietnamese tone perception. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. 127(6):3749--3757.

2010b. Cue selection and category restructuring in sound change. University of Chicago dissertation.

2007. Erculator: A Web application for constraint-based phonology (with Jason Riggle, Max Bane, Edward King, Heather Rivers, Evelyn Rosas, and John Sylak). In M. Becker (ed.), University of Massachusetts Occasional Papers in Linguistics 36: Papers in Theoretical and Computational Phonology.

2007. Lexical and phonotactic effects on wordlikeness judgments in Cantonese (with Alan Yu). Proc. ICPhS XVI, 1389-1392.
Courses Taught: Formal Methods and Statistics in Linguistics
Introduction to Linguistics
Introduction to Phonology and Phonetics
Acoustic Phonetics
Computational Phonology
Phonetics and Laboratory Phonology
Reviewer of: Mon-Khmer Studies 38: A Journal of Southeast Asian Languages and Cultures (LL Issue 21.4579)
Cambodian: Khmer (LL Issue 23.3805)

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