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Name: Alexandra  Galani
Institution: University of Ioannina
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Greece   
Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
Language Documentation
Language Acquisition
Selected Publications: Edited books/volumes:

Morphology and the Interfaces.

York Papers in Linguistics: Papers from the 5th York-Essex Morphology Meeting.

York Papers in Linguistics. Series 2, Volume 9

Proceedings of the International Conference in Greek Linguistics 7.

York Papers in Linguistics, Papers from the Third York-Holland Symposium on the History of English Syntax.

York Papers in Linguistics, Papers from the First York-Essex Morphology Meeting (YEMM).


Teaching Greek as a second/foreign language in the Center for the Study of the Hellenic Language and Culture at the University of Ioannina (to appear).

The contribution of the Center for the Hellenic Language and Culture at the University of Ioannina for the city of Ioannina (to appear).

Modeling language evolution: Aromanian, an endangered language in Greece

Introduction: Morphology and its interfaces.

The effects of vocabulary entries organisation in Distributed Morphology on verb classification in Modern Greek

An overview of verb classification in Greek: Problems for Distributed Morphology

Word formation: syntax-morphology interface: Evidence from the theme vowels in Modern Greek

The organisation of vocabulary entries in Distributed Morphology

The status of the vocabulary in Distributed Morphology

Distributed Morphology and Vocabulary Organisation

So, word formation: syntax or morphology? Formation of stems in Modern Greek.

An analysis of the augment in Modern Greek within Distributed Morphology

Suffixes and DM: Voice in Modern Greek

Distributed Morphology and suppletive vs non-suppletive stem formation in Modern Greek

Word formation: syntax or morphology?

An analysis of theme vowels in Modern Greek within Distributed Morphology

Allomorphy: theme vowels in Modern Greek

The morphosyntax of the verbal forms in Modern Greek

Book reviews/notices:

Morphology and Language History: In honour of Harold Koch by Bowern, Evans and Miceli (to appear).

Morphology at the Interfaces: Reduplication and Noun incorportation in Uto-Aztecan by Haugen (to appear).

Syntax of the Modern Greek verbal system. The use of the forms, particularly in combination with tha and na by Hesse.

Greek: A comprehensive grammar of the Modern Greek language by Holton, Mackridge and Philippaki-Warburton.

Pre- and protomorphology: Early phases of morphological development in nouns and verbs by Voeikova and Dressler

The Grammar of Words: An Introduction to Linguistic Morphology by Booij.

The Unaccusativity Puzzle; Explorations of the Syntax-Lexicon Interface by Alexiadou, Anagnostopoulou and Everaert (Eds.)

Tense and Aspect: from semantics to morphosyntax by Giorgi and Pianesi

Syntactic heads and word formation. by Julien.

Understanding Morphology by Haspelmath

Syntax: a generative introduction by Carnie.

Handbook of morphology by Spencer and Zwicky (Eds.).

Announced on LINGUIST :  Morphology and its Interfaces
Reviewed on LINGUIST :  Morphology and its Interfaces
Courses Taught: Most recent:

Teaching Greek as a second/foreign language

English 1: Phonology-phonetics

English 2: Morphology

English 3: Syntax

English 4: Semantics

English for mechanical engineers (1+2)

English for computer scientists (1+2)

Other courses:

Child Language Acquisition

Issues in Language Acquisition

Fundamental Linguistics

Elementary Semantics

Structure of Present-day English


Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar

Formal Semantics, Introduction to Syntactic Theory


Introduction to Phonetics, morphology, syntax, semantics, discourse analysis

Elementary Syntax

Introduction to Linguistics (Phonetics, Syntax, Semantics, Sociolinguistics)

Dissertation Abstract: The Morphosyntax of Verbs in Modern Greek
Reviewer of: Universal Grammar and the Second Language Classroom (LL Issue 25.2303)
Semantics/Morphosyntax: Giorgi & Pianesi (1997) (LL Issue 14.2340)
Morphology: Haspelmath (2002) (LL Issue 13.3127)
Lang Acquisition/Morphology: Voeikova & Dressler (2002) (LL Issue 17.360)
Review of Spencer & Zwicky, Handbook of Morphology (LL Issue 12.3096)
Morphology/Textbooks: Booij (2005) (LL Issue 16.2337)
Morphology/Syntax: Julien (2003) (LL Issue 14.1639)
Syntax: Alexiadou et al., ed. (2003) (LL Issue 15.3212)
Syntax: Carnie (2002) (LL Issue 13.1745)
Academic Paper Abstract: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Greek Linguistics

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