Caylen Cole-Hazel


Hey what's up? My name is Caylen Cole-Hazel. I was born on a random day back in 1989. Somewhere between then and now I discovered the field of linguistics and The LINGUIST List. I began working for The LINGUIST List in my junior year as an undergraduate at Eastern Michigan University. Throughout the course of the year I worked on multitree and LL map. Eventually I also began to edit submissions. I enjoy collaborating with my colleagues on a myriad of other necessary tasks vital to the operation of this organization.

I am about to enter my senior year at Eastern Michigan University as a seasoned first year veteran of The LINGUIST List. Thanks to the broad range of opportunities and ample experience I have gained from my involvement with this innovative scholarly website, I look forward to a bounty of future opportunities. I hope to hone my skills as a linguist in graduate school and abroad, whereupon I would like to concentrate on the documentation of Sign Language Linguistics.

Besides studying linguistics and working at The LINGUIST List, I enjoy breathing, sleeping, reading, cleaning, and swimming. I also love learning new languages. My inspiration and professed reason for being is language itself. I'm certainly happy to be here using it and learning with it every day, contributing to the human experience and linguistic science.