Andrea Berez


Hello! I'm a graduate student at Wayne State University in Detroit, and I've been studying linguistics formally since January 2003. I get my kicks from language description and typology. I'm specifically interested in Athabaskan, Italian and Judeo-Romance languages.

Since Fall 2004 I've been in chilly Fairbanks, Alaska, working on archiving the Dena'ina language at the Alaska Native Language Center.

In 1998 I graduated from the New York Academy of Art with a Master's degree in figurative sculpture (where I met my husband, sculptor Rich Wiquist). Before that I spent a while bouncing around Italy, and before that I studied sculpture at the University of Michigan.

When I'm not working at LINGUIST or studying, I practice Ashtanga Yoga, weave fabric on my loom, hang out with our dog Loki (see the picture below), and volunteer for Michigan ReGAP, a non-profit greyhound rescue and adoption group that works actively to end greyhound racing (click the link to find out about these wonderful dogs!).

My other interests include veganism, organic cooking, and on-the-cheap travel. Rich, Loki and I live in charming Royal Oak, Michigan.

Here's me with an excellent turkey.

Two years later, and he's still an excellent turkey.

This is my beautiful greyhound Loki, who raced in Florida for four years before coming to live with us.


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