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50 Most Recent Issues

Issue #
32.241 FYI: New Issue of LaMiCuS Published Adam Głaz
32.240 FYI: January 2021 Newsletter - LDC Membership Coordinator
32.239 FYI: Call for Book Chapter Proposals: L2 Writing and Technology Jingjing Qin
32.238 FYI: Free Webinar - Major Health Crises and the OED: Language Evolution and Challenges in Health Communication OED Team
32.237 TOC: English Language and Linguistics 24 / 4 (2020) Rachel Tonkin
32.236 TOC: Canadian Journal of Linguistics 65 / 4 (2020) Rachel Tonkin
32.235 TOC: The Mental Lexicon 15 / 2 (2020) Karin Plijnaar
32.234 TOC: Reading and Writing 33 / 5 (2020) Laura de Kreij
32.233 TOC: Russian Linguistics 44 / 1 (2020) Laura de Kreij
32.232 TOC: Language and Dialogue 10 / 3 (2020) Karin Plijnaar
32.231 Books: Babylonisch-assyrische Grammatik: Ungnad Ulrich Lueders
32.230 Books: The Oxford Handbook of Language and Society: Garcia, Flores, Spotti (eds.) Oxford University Press
32.229 Calls: Comp Ling, Ling Theories, Semantics, Syntax, Text/Corpus Ling/Online Costas Gabrielatos
32.228 Calls: Gen Ling/Online Nicole Scott
32.227 Confs: Gen Ling, Ling Theories, Psycholing, Semantics, Syntax/Online Martin Schäfer
32.226 Calls: Phonology/France Quentin Dabouis
32.225 Calls: Anthro Ling, Hist Ling, Lexicography, Ling & Lit, Socioling/Online Eleonora Selvi
32.224 Calls: Applied Ling/Online Monica Cárdenas-Claros
32.223 Review: Applied Linguistics: Ganassin (2020) Teresa Ong
32.222 Books: Headless Relative Clauses in Mesoamerican Languages: Caponigro, Torrence, Maldonado (eds.) Oxford University Press
32.221 Books: Bilingual Families: Crisfield Flo McClelland
32.220 Support: Linguistic Theories; Pragmatics; Semantics: PhD, Georg August Universität Göttingen Clemens Mayr
32.219 Summer Schools: Classical Armenian (Grabar) Online School / Online Khachik Gevorgyan
32.218 Calls: Language Documentation, Pragmatics, Semantics / Semantic Fieldwork Methods (Jrnl) Jeremy Pasquereau
32.217 Calls: Applied Linguistics, Cognitive Science, Language Acquisition / Journal of Language and Education (Jrnl) Larisa Nikitina
32.216 TOC: Studies in Language 44 / 4 (2020) Karin Plijnaar
32.215 TOC: Reading and Writing 33 / 4 (2020) Laura de Kreij
32.214 TOC: Russian Linguistics 44 / 2 (2020) Laura de Kreij
32.213 TOC: Review of Cognitive Linguistics 18 / 2 (2020) Karin Plijnaar
32.212 Confs: Anthro Ling, Applied Ling, Cog Sci, Lang Acquisition, Socioling/Online Charles Chang
32.211 Calls: Translation/Switzerland Maureen Ehrensberger-Dow
32.210 Calls: Applied Ling, Socioling, Translation/Online Danguole Satkauskaite
32.209 Books: The Oxford Handbook of Translation and Social Practices: Ji, Laviosa (eds.) Oxford University Press
32.208 Books: Nominal Arguments and Language Variation: Jiang Oxford University Press
32.207 Review: AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW (January 2021) LINGUIST List
32.206 Calls: Gen Ling/Online Akshay Aitha
32.205 Calls: English; Applied Ling, Discipline of Ling, Disc Analysis, Lang Acq, Text/Corpus Ling/Malta and Online Cem Can
32.204 Calls: Spanish; Gen Ling/Online Jin Michnowicz
32.203 Calls: Cog Sci, Comp Ling/Online Ilaria Torre
32.202 All: In Memoriam: Leonid Leonidovich Kasatkin LINGUIST List
32.201 TOC: December 2020 Holiday Issues LINGUIST List
32.200 Summer Schools: December 2020 Holiday Issues LINGUIST List
32.199 FYI: December 2020 Holiday Issues LINGUIST List
32.198 Jobs: December 2020 Holiday Issues LINGUIST List
32.197 Calls: December 2020 Holiday Issues LINGUIST List
32.196 Support: Computational Linguistics: PhD, University of Gothenburg Stergios Chatzikyriakidis
32.195 Jobs: Sociolinguistics: Assistant Professor, University of York
32.194 Support: German; Applied Linguistics; Computational Linguistics; Discipline of Linguistics: PhD, Philipps-Universität Marburg Brigitte Ganswindt
32.193 Support: Computational Linguistics: PhD, Heidelberg University Anette Frank
32.192 Support: Computational Linguistics: PhD, Heidelberg University Anette Frank

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