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Wed May 27 1998

Calls: AiML'98, Clitics

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  1. Maarten de Rijke, AiML'98: Final Call for Papers
  2. Birgit Gerlach, Workshop Annoncement and Call For Papers - Clitics

Message 1: AiML'98: Final Call for Papers

Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 20:49:28 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Maarten de Rijke <>
Subject: AiML'98: Final Call for Papers


 Advances in Modal Logic'98

 October 16-18, 1998
 Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

Advances in Modal Logic is an initiative aimed at presenting an up-to-date 
picture of the state of the art in modal logic and its many applications. 
The initiative consists of a workshop series together with volumes based on 
those workshops.

Advances in Modal Logic'98 is the second workshop organized as part of this 
initiative. AiML'98 will be held from October 16--18, 1998 in Uppsala, 
Sweden. The workshop is intended for users of modal logic in cognition, 
computing, and language, as well as for logicians working in modal logic.

TOPICS: The AiML '98 workshop will be organized around a number of thematic 
 * modal logics of agency and normative systems
 * algebraic and model-theoretic aspects of modal logic
 * modal approaches to grammar and natural language semantics
 * computational aspects of modal logic
 * philosophical aspects of modal logic
 * modal logic and belief revision.
Papers on related subjects will also be considered.

SPECIAL SESSION: During the workshop there will be a special afternoon 
session on modal logic and belief revision; this session will be chaired by 
Sven Ove Hansson and Sten Lindstrom.

INVITED SPEAKERS: Invited speakers include J. van Benthem, K. Fine, D.M. 
Gabbay, J. Horty, M. Kracht, and R. Parikh.

PAPER SUBMISSION: Authors are invited to submit a detailed abstract of a 
full paper of at most 10 pages by e-mail to Heinrich Wansing at,

using `AiML98 Submission' as the subject line. The cover page should 
include title, authors, and the coordinates of the corresponding author. 
Following this it should be indicated which of the thematic areas best 
describes the content of the paper (if none is appropriate, please give a 
set of keywords that best describe the topic of the paper).

To be considered, submissions must be received no later than JUNE 1, 1998. 
The preliminary version of the full paper to be included in a planned 
volume from the workshop should be available at the workshop; the volume 
will be submitted to CSLI Publications. Authors will be notified of the 
acceptance of their paper by December 1, 1998.

SPONSORS: The AiML '98 workshop is generously sponsored by Neurotec 
Hochtechnologie GmbH, the Computational Logic Group at ILLC, University of 
Amsterdam, Compulog Net network for Computational Logic, the Swedish Royal 
Academy of Science, and the University of Uppsala.

 Submission deadline: June 1, 1998
 Notification: August 1, 1998
 Workshop: October 16-18, 1998
 Preliminary version for workshop volume due at the workshop
 Notification of acceptance for publication: December 1, 1998

PROGRAMME COMMITTEE: Maarten de Rijke, Krister Segerberg, 
Heinrich Wansing, Michael Zakharyaschev

 Michael Zakharyaschev
 Institute of Applied Mathematics
 Russian Academy of Sciences
 Miusskaya Square 4
 125047 Moscow
 (e-mails: and

AIML STEERING COMMITTEE: Maarten de Rijke, Heinrich Wansing, Michael 

AIML ADVISORY BOARD: Johan van Benthem, Max Cresswell, Luis Farinas del 
Cerro, Larry Moss, Indiana Krister , Uppsala Colin Stirling

FURTHER INFORMATION: Email enquiries about the AiML '98 workshop should be 
directed to Information about the AiML 
initiative can be obtained on the World-Wide Web at 
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Message 2: Workshop Annoncement and Call For Papers - Clitics

Date: Wed, 27 May 98 13:54:46 +0200
From: Birgit Gerlach <>
Subject: Workshop Annoncement and Call For Papers - Clitics

 Workshop Announcement and Call For Papers

 C L I T I C S 

 24th - 26th February 1999

 Konstanz University, Germany

We are pleased to announce our workshop on 'Clitics' during the 21st annual 
meeting of the German Society of Linguistics in Konstanz (Germany). In 
linguistic research, clitics play an increasingly prominent role. The 
status of clitics is under discussion in phonology, morphology, and 
syntax, as well as in the respective interfaces. In these fields, the 
discussion on clitics gives rise to controversial analyses. One open 
question is whether we need in fact a separate linguistic category 
'clitic', or whether these elements can be subsumed under different 
linguistic categories, such as affixes. 

- With respect to phonology, it is undetermined how clitics are 
incorporated into phonological structure. Should we distinguish a Clitic 
Group in the prosodic hierarchy, are clitics part of prosodic words, or are 
they left outside prosodic structure? How is their phonological deficiency 
best accounted for? 

- Concerning the morphology of clitics, especially regarding the occurrence 
of opaque clitics in clitic clusters, analyses within the framework of 
Distributed Morphology compete with those which propose an Optimality 
Theoretic solution. 

- Also, the morphosyntactic status of clitics is unclear. Is it possible to 
capture the order of clitics in clitic clusters in a more explanatory way 
than in terms of templates? The complex conditions on clitic doubling give 
rise to the question whether clitics should be analysed as agreement 
markers or as arguments. 

- Syntactic aspects of clitics play a major role in recent analyses in 
different theoretical frameworks. For instance, there is no agreement on 
the explanation of clitic climbing and it is an unsettled issue whether 
clitic placement should be accounted for in a syntactic, prosodic, 
prosodic-syntactic, or optimality-theoretic approach. 

The workshop intends to bring together phonologists, morphologists, and 
syntacticians and provides an ideal opportunity to share insights and to 
discuss the issues mentioned above. In addition to the invited speaker 
presentations, there are 9 slots for 30-minute presentations, and 3 slots 
for 1 hour presentations (including discussion). 

Invited speakers: Geert Booij (Free University Amsterdam)
 Jane Grimshaw (Rutgers University)
 Juan Uriagereka (University of Maryland)

Please send a one-page abstract before 15th August 1998 to:
Birgit Gerlach & Janet Grijzenhout, 
Seminar fuer Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft,
Universitaetsstr. 1, 40225 Duesseldorf, Germany.

We may be contacted by e-mail at, or
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