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Calls: Facial Information, Combining Systems

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  1. Itiel Dror, Facial Information Processing
  2. Maarten de Rijke, Frontiers of Combining Systems

Message 1: Facial Information Processing

Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 12:30:12 +0000 (GMT)
From: Itiel Dror <>
Subject: Facial Information Processing


Pragmatics & Cognition announces a special issue on


Guest Editors

Itiel E. Dror and Sarah V. Stevenage

In many senses, faces are at the center of human interaction. 
At a very basic level, faces indicate identity. However, faces 
are remarkably rich information carriers. For example, facial 
gestures may be used as means of conveying intentions. 
Faces may also permit a direct glimpse into the person's inner 
self (by unintentionally revealing, for example, aspects of 
character or mood). Given their salient role, the processing of 
the information conveyed by faces and its integration with 
other sources of interactional information raise important 
issues in cognition and pragmatics.

Research on facial information processing has investigated 
these (and other) issues utilizing a variety of approaches and 
methodologies, and developments in both computer and 
cognitive sciences have recently carried this research forward. 
The emerging picture is that there are cognitive subsystems 
which specialize in different aspects of facial processing. This 
has been supported by neuropsychological evidence 
suggesting that brain damaged patients show dissociations 
between the different aspects of face processing. In addition, 
research on the development of facial processing abilities, and 
on aspects of the face itself which affect these processing 
abilities, has contributed to our understanding of how facial 
information is perceived.

This special issue of Pragmatics and Cognition is intended to 
provide a common forum for a variety of the topics currently 
under investigation. Given the breadth of issues and 
approaches used to investigate faces, we encourage 
submissions from a wide range of disciplines. Our aim is that 
this special issue will tie together the diverse research on 
faces, and show their links and interdependencies. 

Deadline for submission: August 1, 1998
Editorial decisions: November 1, 1998
Revised papers due: February 1, 1999
Expected publication: October 1999

Papers should be submitted according to the guidelines of the 
journal (see WWW URL: All 
submissions will be peer reviewed. Please send five copies of 
your submission either to:

Dr. Itiel Dror ( or: 
Dr. Sarah Stevenage (

Dept. of Psychology
Southampton University
Highfield, Southampton SO17 1BJ

For additional and updated information see WWW URL: 
or contact either of the guest editors.

 | Itiel E. Dror, Ph.D. |
 | Department of Psychology |
 | University of Southampton Office 44 (0)1703 594519 |
 | Highfield, Southampton Lab. 44 (0)1703 594518 |
 | England SO17 1BJ Fax. 44 (0)1703 594597 |


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Message 2: Frontiers of Combining Systems

Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 01:52:23 +0100 (MET)
From: Maarten de Rijke <>
Subject: Frontiers of Combining Systems


 Second International Workshop 

 Frontiers of Combining Systems 

 October 2-4, 1998, Amsterdam

In various areas of logic, computation, language processing, and artificial 
intelligence there is an obvious need for using specialized formalisms and 
inference mechanisms for special tasks. In order to be usable in practice, 
these specialized systems must be combined with each other, and they must 
be integrated into general purpose systems. Recently, the development of 
general techniques for the combination and integration of special systems 
has been initiated in many areas.

After FroCoS'96, `Frontiers of Combining Systems '98' (FroCoS'98) is the 
second workshop intended to offer a common forum for these research 
activities. It also aims to offer the possibbility of presenting results 
on particular instances of combination and integration, and on their 
practical use.

- ----
Suggested, but not exclusive topics of interest for the workshop are:
 * combination of constraint solving techniques and combination of
 decision procedures 
 * integration of equational and other theories into deductive systems
 * integration of data structures into CLP formalisms and deduction
 * combinations of logics and of term rewriting systems
 * hybrid systems in computational linguistics, knowledge representation,
 natural language processing, and human computer interaction
 * logical modeling of multi-agent systems.

- ----------------
Franz Baader, David Basin, Jacques Calmet, Dov Gabbay (co-chair), Natasha 
Kurtonina, Aart Middeldorp, Istvan Nemeti, Maarten de Rijke (co-chair), 
Christophe Ringeissen, Klaus Schulz, Amilcar Sernadas, Michael Wooldridge

- --------------
Names of invited speakers will be released shortly.

- ---------------
Authors are invited to submit a detailed abstract of a full paper of at 
most 10 pages to the second programme co-chair, either by e-mail 
(preferred) or regular mail. Results must be unpublished, and not 
submitted for publication elsewhere. The cover page should include title, 
authors, and the coordinates of the corresponding author. Following this 
it should be indicated which of the thematic areas best describes the 
content of the paper.

To be considered, submissions must be received no later than May 15, 1998. 
All submissions will be thoroughly evaluated. On the basis of the referee 
reports, papers will be selected for presentation at the workshop and for 
the proceedings. Authors will be notified by July 15, 1998. We intend to 
publish the proceedings as a volume of the Kluwer series on ``Applied 

- -----------------------
Electronic submissions should be sent to,

using `Submission' as the subject line. Paper submissions should be sent to

 Maarten de Rijke
 attn: FroCoS'98 
 ILLC, University of Amsterdam 
 Plantage Muidergracht 24 
 1018 TV Amsterdam 
 The Netherlands

- -------------
 Submission deadline: May 15, 1998 
 Notification: July 15, 1998 
 Workshop: October 2--4, 1998

- ----------------
Carlos Areces, Christof Monz, Maarten de Rijke, Marco de Vries

- -----------------
Email inquiries about FroCoS'98 should be directed to 
Information about FroCoS'98 can be obtained on the World Wide Web at

- ------
FroCoS'98 is sponsored by the Computational Logic Project at ILLC, 
University of Amsterdam.
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