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Sat Feb 7 1998

Calls: CSDL-4, Cognitive Morphology

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  1. csdl-4, Call: CSDL-4
  2. Christof Vanden Eynde, Cognitive Morphology

Message 1: Call: CSDL-4

Date: Thu, 05 Feb 1998 15:51:58 -0500
From: csdl-4 <>
Subject: Call: CSDL-4


	The Fourth Conference on
	October 10-12, 1998
	Emory University
	Atlanta, Georgia
Invited speakers for theme sessions on:

- > Functional and Cognitive Approaches to the Study of First Language

Nancy BUDWIG (Clark University)
Michael TOMASELLO (Max Planck Inst. for Evolutionary Anthropology)
third speaker -- TBA

- > Grammatical Constructions: Form and Function

Joan BYBEE (University of New Mexico)
Talmy GIVON (University of Oregon)
Brian MACWHINNEY (Carnegie Mellon University)

A special poster session on 
- > Discourse and Computer-Mediated Communication
will be held during the conference
sponsored by the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech).

A pre-conference symposium will be held on Friday evening, October 9,
- > Primate Communication. 
The following invited speakers will discuss the research they are
conducting at the Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center of Emory
	Harold Gouzoules
	Dario Maestripieri
	Susan Savage-Rumbaugh.


We invite papers which consider functional principles of linguistic
organization, and the interaction between language and cognition.
Priority will be given to papers which examine both the cognitive and
discourse functions of linguistic phenomena.

Specific areas of inquiry at the conference will include, but not be
limited to: 

 Lexical and grammatical meaning 
 Conversational practice 
 Form and function 
 Discourse analysis
 Conceptual structure
 Iconicity in language
 Metaphor as a cognitive phenomenon
 Language change and grammaticalization
 Language acquisition 
 Social interaction and grammar
 Sentence processing

We also invite abstracts for the special poster session on Discourse
and Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC). Specific areas of inquiry
at the session will include, but not be limited to:

 CMC as a force in linguistic and cognitive change
 Specialized lexical and typographic registers of CMC
 Emergent communication norms in CMC
 Discourse analysis of CMC
 Discourse styles in the virtual classroom and virtual 
 Continuities between CMC and other discourse genres
 Gender differences in CMC
 CMC and nonlinear thinking

ABSTRACTS for 20-minutes papers or the special-topic poster session
may be a maximum of one page. At the top of the abstract (if by
e-mail) or on a separate page (if on paper), please include

 title of paper 
 author name(s) and affiliation(s) 
 topic area (from the list above or whatever seems appropriate)
 e-mail address 
 paper mailing address 


Abstracts must be received by March 16, 1998. 


We STRONGLY prefer e-mail submissions. 

Abstracts for 20-minute papers for the main session should be e-mailed
in ascii form to: <>.

Abstracts for the poster session on Discourse and CMC should be
e-mailed in ascii form to: <>.

Please use "Abstract" as your subject header. If you are submitting
more than one abstract, please e-mail each separately.

If you prefer to use regular mail, send four copies of your abstract

for the main conference			for the poster session on
session to:				Discourse and CMC to:

CSDL-4 Abstracts			Poster session abstracts
Program in Linguistics			c/o Wendy Newstetter
Callaway Center 312S			EduTech Institute
Emory University			Georgia Inst. of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30322, USA			Atlanta, GA 30332-0280, USA


For more information, visit the conference web site forthcoming in
February at <>;.

e-mail inquiries:

Chair of the organizing committee:
Alan Cienki 
phone: 404-727-2689
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Message 2: Cognitive Morphology

Date: Fri, 06 Feb 1998 13:17:10
From: Christof Vanden Eynde <>
Subject: Cognitive Morphology



2-4 July 1998, University of Ghent, Belgium

The Belgian cognitive linguistics research group organizes a workshop
on cognitive linguistic approaches to morphology. The workshop aims to
bring together researchers who work on morphology within a cognitive
linguistic framework, or within a framework compatible with the
cognitive linguistic approach. The workshop will focus on derivational
rather than on inflectional morphology. invited speakers who have so
far agreed to attend the workshop include John Taylor, David Tuggy,
and Jaap van Marle.

topics of specific interest include:
. polysemy of morphemes
. iconicity in derivation and composition
. network analyses of morphological productivity
. basic morphological categories and typological universals
. the interface of storage and computation in morphology
. cognitive morphology and related theories.

We would like to invite you to contribute to this workshop with a
paper. If you want to present an original paper dealing with any
aspect of derivation or composition within the framework of cognitive
morphology, send an abstact (max. 300 words) to the following

Hard copies can be sent to:
Christof Vanden Eynde
Nederlandse Taalkunde
Universiteit Gent
Blandijnberg 2
9000 GENT
fax: ++32/(0)9/264.41.70

The deadline for submission of the abstracts is March 1 1998.
Potential speakers whose paper has been accepted will be notified
before APRIL 1.

In priciple, presentations are limited to 45 minutes (30 minutes + 15
minutes discussion).

The organization of the workshop is supported by the Flemish research
council (FWO-Vlaanderen). For all active participants in the workshop,
funding will be available. We cannot yet, however, determine the
available sum at this point.

In order to achieve maximum interaction during the workshop, the
number of participants may have to be restricted. if you intend to
attend the workshop without presenting a paper, please inform the
organizers before march 1.

If you have any further questions, contact one of the organisers:

Christof Vanden Eynde
Vakgroep Nederlandse Taalkunde
Universiteit Gent
Blandijnberg 2
9000 GENT
tel: ++32/(0)9/264.40.76
fax: ++32/(0)9/264.41.70

prof.dr. Dirk Geeraerts
Departement Linguistiek K.U.Leuven
Blijde-Inkomststraat 21
B-3000 Leuven
tel: ++32/(0)16 / 32.48.15
fax: ++32/(0)16 / 324767
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