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Tue Dec 8 1998

Qs: Chinese r-suffixation, Lexical borrowing

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  1. pan ning, Chinese r_suffixation
  2.>, Lexical borrowing

Message 1: Chinese r_suffixation

Date: Sat, 5 Dec 1998 23:05:27 +0800
From: pan ning <>
Subject: Chinese r_suffixation

Dear Linguists:

I'm doing research on the r-suffix in Yichang (a mandarin dialect),and
need references on r-suffixation of any Chinese languages. Yichang
r-suffix cause rhyme changes, which are different from that in
Mandarin. One particular phenomenon is -r is mainly suffixed to
duplicated monosyllabic word. It seems duplication of a monosyllabic
word triggers r-suffixation. Does this phenomenon exist in any other
languages or dialects? Your help will be highly appreciated. 
I'll post a summary if I get enough feedback.

 Yours sincerely
 Pan Ning
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Message 2: Lexical borrowing

Date: Mon, 07 Dec 1998 15:41:10
From:> <>
Subject: Lexical borrowing


I'm very much interested in "lexical borrowing" as being my MA
research. I'd like to ask about any refrences related to the
- Phonological adaptation of loan words in recepient language
- Morphological adaptation of loan words in recepient (or different)
I'll be appreciating your help and cooperation.

Noran Galal
BA in Phonetics

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