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Wed Oct 21 1998

FYI: Research Opp. XEROX/Grenoble, Babel Internships

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  1. Eric Gaussier, Research opportunity at XRCE, Grenoble
  2. Malcolm Lawrence, Babel internships now available

Message 1: Research opportunity at XRCE, Grenoble

Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 14:35:41 +0200
From: Eric Gaussier <>
Subject: Research opportunity at XRCE, Grenoble

 * LCG TMR Network *
 * Learning Computational Grammars *
 * *


LCG (Learning Computational Grammars) is a research network funded by
the EC Training and Mobility of Researchers programme (TMR).

The LCG network involves seven European partners. The research goal
of the network is to use machine learning techniques to extend a
variety of computational grammars. The particular focus of XRCE's
research will be on the integration of explicit grammatical knowledge
with example-based evidence, using analytical as well as inductive machine
learning techniques and statistical methods to learn performance-oriented

See for more details.

Up to three years of pre- or postdoctoral funding are available at
XRCE, starting immediately. The ideal candidate will have research
experience or strong interest in NLP and machine learning (including
statistical techniques).

The successful candidate will collaborate with four other researchers
at XRCE involved in this and similar efforts.

As the funding is provided by the EU Training and Mobility of
researchers programme there are some restrictions on who may benefit
from it: 

* Candidates must be aged 35 or younger 
* Candidates must be Nationals of an EU country, Norway, Iceland,
 Switzerland or Israel
* Candidates must have studied or be studying for a Doctoral Degree 
* Candidates cannot be French Nationals
* Candidates cannot have worked in France more than 18 of the last 24

The salaries should be between 8000 and 10000 FF for pre-doc, and
between 10000 and 12000 FF for post-doc. Financial help with
relocating and lodgings can be discussed.

If you are interested and eligible, e-mail your CV and the names and
addresses of two referees to one of the addresses below. Your CV should
include a list of recent publications. Please also outline in 2-3
paragraphs your interest in LCG, how it is related to work you have done,
and any special expertise you bring to the problem.

IMPORTANT: applications must be sent before mid-November.

For further information, contact

Eric Gaussier
Andreas Eisele
David Hull
Christer Samuelsson

Surface mail: Web:

Xerox Research Centre Europe
6, Chemin de Maupertuis
38240 Meylan FRANCE

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Message 2: Babel internships now available

Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 14:14:34 -0700
From: Malcolm Lawrence <>
Subject: Babel internships now available

What multilingual translator can resist being able to put on their
resume or CV: "Worked on the Tower of Babel."?

The building of the Tower of Babel ( is an
enormous project which will require a lot of help from multilingual
people from all walks of life.

The goal, obviously, is to eventually be able to have all of the present
and future content on the site translated into each and every one of the
world's languages.

Until we receive funding for the project we won't be able to compensate
anyone financially who chooses to work on the site, which is why we've
established a system where those who are in educational institutions
will be able to receive academic credit for whatever work they do on the
site with the educational institution they are attending, triangulated
with Babel.

For those who aren't affiliated with an educational institution or
already have their degrees, Babel provides a rare opportunity for
worldwide exposure for your work, as well as the option of having your
email address attached to your work and the chance to impress others
with your translation skills should you choose to put "Worked on the
Tower of Babel" on your resume or CV.

All Babel asks from voluntary translators is that they choose articles
from the site that particularly appeal to them and translate them
fluently into another language.

If you would like to be a part of the Tower of Babel, email Malcolm
Lawrence, Babel's Editor-in-chief, at

Babel: Demonstrating that speaking in tongues does get you somewhere.

Take care,

Malcolm Lawrence
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