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Fri Oct 16 1998

FYI: New program, AutoMorphology 1, ETS fellowships

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  1. Annette Burton, New program at Brown University
  2. John A. Goldsmith, New software: AutoMorphology 1
  3. linda delauro, Educational Testing Service Fellowships, Scholars, and Interns

Message 1: New program at Brown University

Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 09:08:24 -0400
From: Annette Burton <>
Subject: New program at Brown University

Brown University's Departments of Applied Mathematics,
Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences, and Computer Science





Deadline for Applications: January 1, 1999

Brown University is actively recruiting graduate students for a new
NSF-supported Interdisciplinary Graduate Education, Research and
Training (IGERT) program in "Learning and Action in the Face of
Uncertainty: Cognitive, Computational and Statistical Approaches".

The use of probabilistic models and statistical methods has had a
major impact on our understanding of language, vision, action, and
reasoning. This training program provides students with the
opportunity to integrate a detailed study of human or artificial
systems for language acquisition and use, visual processing, action,
and reasoning with appropriate mathematical and computational models.
Students will be enrolled in one of the three participating
departments (Applied Mathematics, Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences,
and Computer Science) and will study an interdisciplinary program of
courses in topics such as statistical estimation, cognitive processes,
linguistics, and computational models. 

The aim of this program is to provide promising students with a mix of
mathematical, computational and experimental expertise to carry out
multidisciplinary collaborative research across the disciplines of
Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, and Cognitive Science.

Interested students should apply to the participating department
closest to their area of interest and expertise, and should indicate
their interest in the IGERT training program in their application.

Brown University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. 

For additional information about the program, application procedures,
and ongoing research initiatives please visit our website at:

or contact 

 Dr. Julie Sedivy 					
 Department of Cognitive & Linguistic Sciences
 Brown University, Box 1978
 Providence, RI 02912
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Message 2: New software: AutoMorphology 1

Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 09:32:44 -0500
From: John A. Goldsmith <>
Subject: New software: AutoMorphology 1

I've been working on a program that automatically 
computes the morphological structure of the words
in a given corpus. Version 1 of this program --
which I call AutoMorphology 1 -- is designed to
work with languages with a relatively modest 
suffixal morphology, such as Indoeuropean languages.
The user feeds it a corpus, and it figures out
the regular suffixal morphology, and the stem allomorphy.

I've posted a Windows version of the program,
and a working paper of a description of what
has gone into it, as well as some text files for
people who don't have any corpora ready to hand.
My home page is;
click on the link to "Download Automorphology Lite."
The posted version is a "Lite" version of the
program, i.e., it allows the user to run
it and view the results, but not to get into
the algorithm's insides or save the results
to file. If you're interested in seeing more
of the details and getting a more robust version
of the program, contact me.

Please download the program, play with it,
work with it, and send me your comments.

I will be posting in the future AutoMorphology 2,
which works with languages with an unrestricted
number of affixes.

John Goldsmith
John Goldsmith
Department of Linguistics
University of Chicago
1010 E 59th Street
Chicago IL 60637
office: (773) 702 8525
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Message 3: Educational Testing Service Fellowships, Scholars, and Interns

Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 12:04:11 -0400 (EDT)
From: linda delauro <>
Subject: Educational Testing Service Fellowships, Scholars, and Interns


The ETS AWARDS PROGRAMS are designed to provide scholars and students,
at various stages of their careers, opportunities to carry out
independent research projects under the mentorship of ETS senior
researchers in a variety of fields. Fields include: statistics,
psychometrics, psychology, psycholinguistics, computational
linguistics, minority issues, computer science, educational
technology, policy research, English as a second language, and testing
issues including alternate forms of assessment for special
populations, performance assessment, and other new forms of

Summer Program in Research for Graduate Students (up to 8 awards).

Doctoral level students in this 8-week summer internship program will
carry out independent research on a project they select, as well as
participate twice weekly in workshops and seminars presented by ETS
senior staff.

The Postdoctoral Fellowship Program (1 award). 

A scholar will conduct independent research on a topic which is
described in her/his proposal submitted as part of the application

Test of English as a Foreign Language [TOEFL] Fellowship Program (1

A scholar will conduct independent research in the area of English as
a second or foreign language.

Center for Performance Assessment Fellowship Program (1 award). 

A scholar will conduct Independent research on projects that examine
the design of performance assessments; the effective and equitable use
of these assessments; inferential issues related to performance
assessments, and the implications of performance assessment for
teaching, learning and school reform.

The National Assessment for Educational Progress [NAEP] Visiting Scholar 
Program (1 award).

A senior scholar will conduct independent research on important policy
or measurement issues affecting education and the efficiency of NAEP.
Studies focused on issues concerning the education of minority
students and studies that make use of the NAEP database are especially

The main selection criteria for each of these programs are scholarship
and suitability of the planned research for ETS. A goal of each of
these programs is to achieve an increase in the number of women and
minority researchers.

The postmark deadline for all applications is February 1, 1999. 

Applicants will be notified on or before April 1, 1999.

To request an application and/or further information, contact: Linda J. 
DeLauro; ETS Fellowship Programs -
(MS 16T); Princeton, NJ 08541. Email:; Internet: Telephone: 609- 734-1806 or 609-734-5949. 

Linda J. DeLauro
ETS Fellowship Program Administrator
Statistics and Psychometrics Research
609-734-1806 (tel)
609-497-6032 (FAX)
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